Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drawing A Blank.

I'm staring at the computer, trying to come up with a clever topic about which to write, and my brain is coming up empty. I mean, I try to have at least ONE substantial post a week, one that involves thought and personality and such, but this week, I'm drawing a blank.


Which, I suppose, could be a post in and of itself. The Pregnancy Blank, where all rational thought processes are concealed beneath an imaginary sheet of white, and when the brain attempts to pull such thought processes, all it sees is the white. If I'm not careful, my eyes will cross and I will begin to drool.

This pregnancy bit, it's really all-consuming. I look back on my posts as of late and most of them have to do with the baby. So then I think, I should write a post about my favorite current styles and such, something refreshingly shallow. But what would those styles be? MATERNITY. Cool. Not really. Then I thought, what's my favorite make-up? I don't know, because my face is always red and blotchy whilst pregnant (sexy, right?). What about my current favorite music? Ehh ... Fisher Price Christmas lullabies?

It just seems like I'm quite immersed in this baby-and-toddler stage of life.

I mean, I'm not totally irrelevant. I wear (maternity) skinny jeans and chunky jewelry and carry a fancy-schmancy (diaper) bag and I shower, sometimes, and, you know, I'm sure I look awesome in that white MINIVAN in which I cruise around town. I haven't completely let myself "go" (well, except for the minivan, with dreams of owning that coveted Toyota Sequoia), but every time I sit down at the computer to write, it is the things of baby that come to mind.


So, that being said, can anyone recommend a good facial moisturizer? I mean, next year is my last year in my twenties, so it seems like maybe I need to use some sort of you're-getting-older facial moisturizer. Do I? Uh, but it has to be cheap. Like, Target cheap.

Do you like how this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to facial moisturizer? Until the very end?

That's about right, folks. That's about the level at which I am functioning.

Have a lovely day, friends.


  1. You might be tired and foggy, but not once did you end a sentence with a preposition in this entire post. Now THAT is something to be proud of...

    ...of which to be proud.


    I've use Oil of Olay anti-wrinkle cream/lotion for years. Cheap. I'm sure it isn't as good as some of the others, but I love the smell. :)

  2. (this is Jaime, not Ben)
    My sister-in-law is a dermatologist and she recommended that i use CeraVe AM with SPF 30. I LOVE it! It is cheep and at Walgreens :)

    As far as a night/anti wrinkle cream she told me about a few that I still need to try. Some of the night stuff is too harsh for my face.

  3. I use Ponds - I've used all kinds of expensive stuff, cheap stuff, middle-of-the-road stuff...and it's by far the best for me. Sometimes simple is best! I have dry skin so it's especially great during the winter, and even in the hotness and humidity of summer it doesn't make me feel oily.

  4. I use Avalon Organics Vitamin C line and you can get it at Target!

  5. I found a "recipe" on Pinterest for a home made face cleanser...olive oil and Castor oil. I feel like I'm cleansing AND moisturizing at the same time and my skin has never looked better! Oh it freaked out for the 1st week, but then...
    I just love it. And it truly doesn't get any cheaper :)

  6. Darlene and I must have seen the same pin. I have been using EVOO and castor oil for well over a month and in my opinion it's the same or better than the Mary Kay I had been using. You probably already have police oil in your pantry and castor oil is around $2.00-4.00 for a bottle. I bought a cute little glass bottle with a glass stopper to keep my new cleanser dust free. Here's the blog site for instructions on oil ratios to different skin types.

  7. "police oil"? Olive oil. Thank you, fat fingers and autocorrect.

  8. i am a HUGE fan of avalon organics vitamin c lotion. you can get it at walmart or target and it's amazing!