Friday, October 14, 2011

Motherhood: Pregnancy The Third.

I'm sitting here looking like I've been hit by a dump truck.

I'm looking snazzy in my sweatpants and maternity tank top (ow ow!) and I gracefully tripped over a sippy cup on the floor on my way to the computer. My laundry room is impassible, the dishwasher is full, and I've been having achy-breaky Braxton Hicks all afternoon. I started the day with gusto, however, with a breakfast with the kids' great Grandpa, a three mile brisk walk through the neighborhood pushing the kids in the jogger, hide-n-seek with Cub for an hour, and I even threw in a craft for good measure. Energy! Blessed energy!

Then I crashed at nap time. CRASHED.

The exhaustion that has decidedly accompanied this pregnancy is naturally blamed on the fact that I have two little ones to chase around. As you can see by the aforementioned game of hide-n-seek, the word "chase" is a literal one. As I crash into bed at the end of the day, I tell myself, "You had two kiddos to care for, no wonder you're tired!" I mean, right? Not just kids, but toddlers. Little kids. Baby kids.

It wasn't until today on the couch that it dawned on me that I've been wrong this whole time.

I don't have two kiddos to care for.

I have three.

The baby in my tummy requires his/her own amount of care, which, in this case, means stopping. Resting. Putting my feet up during nap time and taking a snooze myself. It's really the only time I can rest, seeing as any time I sit down while the kids are awake, even if they are on the other side of the house, they sense my pause in action and coming running to crawl on my lap and wallow and hang and pull and whatnot. Nap time = Rest time.

I kind of have to force myself to do it, since I see nap time as a time to get a few extra things done. But, sorry laundry room, you're just going to have to stay cluttered for a bit. I spend the morning paying attention to my two oldest. Nap time is now for the youngest.

Wow that's crazy to say.

And this "Dump Truck Chic" look will just have to be something to get used to. :)

Have a lovely day, friends.


  1. I'm in the same boat...and I keep trying to tell myself that baby #3 needs my attention and rest too. Easier said than done some days.

  2. I hear ya...I have literally been sleeping every last ounce of the kids' naps (which sometimes can reach 4 hours) EVERY DAY. I think my dry laundry has been sitting in the dryer for a week...That littlest baby needs the most rest of all and if you crash, it's your body telling you so - enjoy while you can!!!!

  3. Right there with you! I'm in one of those temporary bursts of second-trimester energy where I've been able to get some things done at nap time, but up until last week I had been snoozing through the whole thing...and I'm sure I'll get to that place again very soon! (And I don't care what they say...sweatpants are HOT! ;)

  4. I don't even have the excuse of two older kiddos, and I still feel like I'm rockin' Dump Truck Chic most of the time. My poor husband, but this baby has taken over.

  5. Rest rest rest, friend. You are right that the baby needs it, and so does MAMA! :) You can do it, friend! You're over halfway there! :)

  6. Dump Truck Chic...I think you've coined a new fashion term, which describes me perfectly too these days! A rested mama is the best thing for all of you, I'd say. You are doing awesome!