Tuesday, October 25, 2011

27 Weeks!

Here I am, folks, 27 weeks and getting big! Here are a few preggo updates!

*I had a slump of no energy around 22 weeks and it stuck with me for about a month, but now I'm feeling great. Hopefully the third trimester will treat me well for a little while!

*The baby is kicking ALL THE TIME, especially when I'm ready to go to sleep. :)

*Speaking of "the baby", we had another ultrasound last week and ...

*She's a GIRL!

*We are WAY. EXCITED. Tiny sisters for Cub. I can't wait.

*We have a name picked out, but we haven't decided on it for sure. I'll let you know when we do.

*Baby Girl is breech and has been since our 20-week ultrasound ... not a big deal yet, obviously, but I'm hoping she decides to flip before she gets much bigger!

*Or before I get much bigger. Oy.

*My weight gain is ... uh, on track, I think? I never actually look at the scale when they weigh me. Terrible, I know. I like to check right at the very end, just because it's fun, but I don't really care throughout the pregnancy. If I'm blimping up too much, my doctor will tell me.

*Speaking of blimping up, when I saw this picture, my first thought was, "Well, there goes my face!" Check out those round cheeks! And they will only get rounder as the weeks go by and the holidays encroach upon us. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and a trip to Branson in there somewhere, I'm hosed. Bring on the stuffing and apple dumplings!

*Besides my face getting cheeky, I'm not swollen, which is nice. My ankles and wrists are still intact. I did have to take off my wedding ring, though. :( It never fit right after I had Cub (even after my drastic/crazy weight loss), so my fingers must have permanently gotten a size bigger with him, if that's even possible. Thusly, I had to move my right-hand pink sapphire to my left-hand, along with a cheap "wedding" band from Target to complete the set.

*I've already lost two "diamonds" out of my cheap wedding band. Ha ha. Classy!

*I'm anxious about having two girls, simply because I never had a sister, so I'm not sure I'll know what in the world I'm doing. I have friends I can ask, which is great. :) I'm so excited for the girls, though. Tiny sisters.

*No cravings anymore, but I do get fuller faster. Not what I would consider to be a problem. :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. Congratulations on another little girl! :) I have 2 sisters, and they are the best! They will love to have each other! Also, you look amazing! I see NO puffy cheeks! You are rock'n it, Mommy! Glad to hear your energy is back!


  2. You are a beautiful pregnant lady, Miss Katie! Congrats on another sweet baby girl, we love having 2 girls. Cub will be a great protector of his little sisters and Naomi will have a best friend! Perfect!

  3. Yay, sisters! You will love having two little girls and they will love having each other. Cub will be a great big brother to them and protect and watch over them for you I'm sure.

    You look great!

  4. Love the update, the bump, and the Mama!!

  5. Two little sisters will be so much fun! Since you and I both just have older brothers, I definitely understand that uncertainty of mothering two little girls! But you'll figure it out and they will be such a treasure to one another!

  6. You look so great! I am due January 27th, so I'm approaching the 27 week mark this week. Excited to be heading into the 3rd trimester!