Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I really love getting my hair cut. The lady who cuts my hair is amazing. Her name is Connie and I have a hard time referring to her as my "hairdresser" because she is my slightly older and much wiser friend and "hairdresser" just sounds so ... not friend-ish. She does everything out of her house which is wonderfully relaxed and I've been known to sneak over when my friend is getting her hair done, just so I can sit and chat with the two of them.

You get the idea.

So, the other day, I slumped into Connie's chair and whined that I needed a change. As she nodded and "Mmm-hmm"ed, she parted my hair and our jaws both dropped.

It was there.


Three flakes. THREE. I have never had dandruff (dry hair, but not a dry scalp) and I sat there with my jaw dropped, stunned that this pregnancy not only cheated me out of the voluptuous curly hair I had with the other two, but that it also added DANDRUFF.

A fat belly and dandruff. Sweet! High fives all around!

She suggested that before I reach for a default bottle of Head & Shoulders, I should instead try Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner. She said it would work like a charm and then she snipped away, once again reading my mind and cutting my hair exactly the way I wanted without me being able to describe it accurately. She's awesome that way.

I then started my hunt for this stuff.

Target is where I purchase my typical Matrix hair stuff, so I looked there first. I'm not sure if they didn't carry it or if I was looking for the standard black and white Paul Mitchell bottles, but either way, I couldn't find it there. I was bummed. A few days later I took Cub to a kind of hole-in-the-wall salon where he's had his hair cut since he was born and waited patiently while he sat through his trim. I happened to glance up at their (small) product shelves and lo and behold, there was the stuff! On sale, no less! So, I purchased the shampoo and conditioner set and rushed home to wash my hair.

Oh, y'all. Love it. LOVE IT.

Slightly tingly with a great fresh scent. I don't feel like my scalp is burning. And, best of all, the finished product is ridiculously smooth, clean hair. My hair felt light as a feather. Love.

So, if you happen to peer into the mirror and see a few little flakes waving at you from your scalp, may I suggest you try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree formula shampoo and conditioner. You will not regret it, and then you can wave GOODBYE to those pesky flakes.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh girl, I can relate! I never had dandruff in my life until I was pregnant with Riggins, and it lasted through my entire pregnancy! I was like, "Where is this awesome, luxurious hair I'm supposed to have!?!" It even creeped up again when I was weaning him...I guess the hormone changes triggered it? I just used Head and Shoulders but didn't see a great improvement, so I'm glad to know about this stuff in case it ever comes back!

  2. Ulta has it (and normally in a great big bottle)!! Love the stuff. Andy and I use it :)


  3. i have a connie but her name is nancy :) I like to call her my stylist hehe it makes me feel more fancy bc i dont like the term "hairdresser" either
    e@ thisnotedlife.com

  4. Oh, the tea tree oil. Now I know what to get you and Russell for Christmas. ;) And THANK YOU for introducing me to Connie!!

  5. I love that shampoo! I don't have dandruff, quite the gross greasy opposite, but I like the tingly clean feeling it leaves me with! I also use the Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shaping cream! *high five :)