Friday, September 23, 2011


My challenge for fall this year was to find cute, simple decor that was, of course, kid-friendly. Because that's how we roll, folks.

Front door: Fake mums in lightweight (but look heavy!) planters. I have trouble keeping things alive.

Straw pumpkins. Love them. (Sorry it's dark, the den was dark this morning!)

The mantle. The sprigs are mustard yellow and the sticks and berries are chocolate brown. Easy, plus I can put them up again after the Christmas decs come down, since they are also winter-appropriate.

The breakfast nook table! Since I do not have a dining room table yet (crossing my fingers), this is the only table where I can display things. Hence, some candles ... and a pile of gourds and pumpkins for the kids. They love to play with them during meal time (notice Cub's collection of them in the previous post). So fun.

That's it! A peek into our fall decor. Simple and easy and crash-resistant.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. i really like those straw pumpkins and while i was out the other day i saw them all over - i think it's about time to pick some up :)