Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Coming, I Promise.

I know, I know, this is supposed to be another installment of my Vermont trip. Just hang in there with me a bit. I got hit with the pregnancy blues this past weekend and I've been trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps for the past few days. I'm feeling better, but I'm not a fan of what I'm assuming are hormone surges that suddenly make me a sobby, lethargic mess.

Sobby, lethargic mess. Oy, how pathetic!

But, how telling. Really.

I just tell myself that the baby had growth spurt. Overly Emotional = Hormone Surge = Growth Spurt. Totally makes sense, right?

All that to say, raising babies and fostering relationships and keeping up le maison has taken up most of time. I have a lot of faith that my creativity hormone will surge soon, so don't lose hope.

Until then, pass the chocolate milk.

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. Oh goodness. I just had baby number two three weeks ago. I've had quite the "frustrated at the world ready to just sit down and cry" (ok so I did sit down and cry) so much the past two days!

    I'd totally come over and drink chocolate milk with you!! :)


  2. I think if someone is building a person inside of them...they have the right to have 'off' days. Our little ones are similar ages, but I just can't imagine being pregnant again and trying to keep up with the other two. You make life look breezy...and I know it takes much effort to do that. Enjoy your chocolate milk!

  3. You deserve a gallon of chocolate milk, my hard working friend. :)