Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Worry, There's An Abnormal Psych Book In There, Too.

So, this little bookshelf in our front room seems to be quite the conversation starter.

Apparently, storing books in such a backward manner seems a bit, well, backward, and more than once we've had visitors do a double-take while passing by. They typically pause, point at the bookshelf, look at me, and raise an eyebrow. To which I respond with What? I mean, what's the problem? So you can't actually see the bindings on the books! Meh, what's the big deal? I've seen books displayed like this on several home decorating shows and in home decor magazines, so, to me, it makes perfect sense!

Except that it's completely non-functional.

Well, okay, not completely. It looks nice and muted. That's its purpose. The front room is soft and muted and I didn't want bright red and yellow book bindings compromising the overall look of the room. Call me crazy, but that's my reason.

That and the fact that I can't part with books. Ever.

You see, these books are just a sampling of the volumes my husband and I have accumulated over the years. Textbooks, advice books, novels and the like. Our attic is full of them. Our closet is full of them. And we need a place to keep the strays that continuously spill from their storage bins. They aren't books that we read anymore, but they are books that I refuse to sell or give away. So, here they sit, with bindings dutifully facing the wall. Would you like to see?

Here's a gem:

Eek. Just the sight of this book gives me nightmares about t-tests and chi-squared tests. Statistics was not my forte in college. Even with Excel. Sad.

Here are some beauties:

My husband, bless his heart, is very much into thoroughly researching every hobby or subject in which he finds himself even remotely interested. Hence, superfluous books on backpacking, blackjack, real estate investment, and golf. Upside down. Thank you, Blogger formatting.

And, of course:

This book was my right hand man in college. And, I mean, why toss it? Someday someone might come by and ask me to write a paper using APA stipulations, right? I mean, that's totally plausible. Really.

And, lastly:

My old lit book. This poor baby no longer has a cover. But who can lazily toss away such epic stories like Homer's Odyssey or Kafka's Metamorphosis? Not me. If I'm keeping the stats book, you can bet I'm keeping this one.

And, of course, there are many more stuffed on that shelf. Call me a book hoarder. It's just my weakness, I suppose. So, if you visit my home and walk through this room and notice my bookshelf, you will at least know now the somewhat ludicrous reasoning behind its existence. And when you point and laugh, know that if you need to know what to do when the dealer shows a ten or how to navigate through the Himalayas, the answers are right there. :)

Have a lovely day.


  1. Girl, come on over and see our living room bookshelf that is full of backwards books! It really does look so much prettier that way! I don't think you're one bit crazy :) (Or perhaps we're both crazy? That is definitely a possibility)

  2. ive never seen this before;
    but i love it!

  3. I don't think it is weird at all! Very aesthetically pleasing, actually. :) And I'm with you on getting rid of books--so hard to part with them. Even text books!

  4. Haha, I've never seen books displayed this way, either. I, too, am a book hoarder. Art books, in particular. OU had these great old book sales at their main library...glad those days are behind me, because the deals were too good to pass up. Great seeing you today!

  5. I JUST got rid of the "Write for College" book. :) We bought that in Mrs. Jackson's Humanity class Senior year...Katie, it's time. :)