Wednesday, August 3, 2011

But If You Have a Baby, You Won't BE The Baby Anymore!

Me: "... and this is Naomi's sippy cup. I heat her milk for about forty-five seconds before bed."

Babysitter (whom we love dearly): "Great! She prefers it warm?"

Me: "Well, no, she drinks it cold just fine, I just heat it up before bed ..."

Babysitter: "Okay! So she's just used to it that way?"

Me: "Uh ... well, she drinks it cold all day ... I guess I just heat it up before bedtime because it's ... bedtime?"

Babysitter: "Okay! No problem!"

I have a complex. I still think my baby is a baby. And she won't be the baby anymore after January.

I will probably keep heating up the bedtime milk until then.


  1. At least she's not drinking a bottle. My 2 year old refuses to go to bed without one. I need to cut the bottle/umbilical cord and throw them out!

  2. It's okay. I think everyone does it to some extent. She'll grow up fast enough.

  3. So funny. I still call E 'the baby'. Sophia said the other day, "Mama, I thought the baby was in your belly?" LOL.'re right. Really though, all 3 are my 'babies'. ;)