Monday, August 8, 2011

A Beautiful Morning.

When we ventured outside to let the chickens out this morning, I was surprised to notice that I had not immediately broken into a sweat. The morning was actually ... pleasant, especially in the shade. So, I grabbed a quilt and the kids and I used up as much of that good temperature as we could, before the heat set in.

(This is George, a beautiful grey tabby cat that adopted us. Oh, and she's a girl. Caleb named her. She is amazing with the kids and she's been a really great addition to our little family. Also, she's terrified of the chickens, so they approve.)

Tomorrow I finish packing and my Mom will come in the evening to stay the night, and we leave for the airport early in the morning. It's just me going on this trip with my brother and parents, without the kids or my hubby. It's my dream for them to someday meet my family in Vermont, to play on the beach we visit in Maine, and to see their Grand-Pere's grave, but the time isn't right quite yet. It's just the season. Do you ever find yourself saying that? We say it a lot here--that a lot of things are the way they are because it is simply the season we are in. Seasons change, and we will definitely go together when the season is right--when we are not anticipating the cost of having another child, and when we can plan our own trip together.

I'm sad to leave the kids again, but again feel so blessed to be a stay-at-home Mom. I love that our days are full of each other so when the times come when I do have to leave, my heart is full. I'm grateful to be able to go and celebrate the 90 years my Memere has been on earth, to hug my aunties' necks and to eat lobstah. And I'll be excited to come home, too.

Have a lovely week, friends.


  1. Looks like a beautiful morning! We're headed to Maine on Wednesday and I too am anxious for some cool New England air, time on the beach, and lobstah!