Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Hey friends!

So, for some reason I'm unable to check my blog on my computer. Weird. Not that I have much to say right now, besides the fact that I was slightly under the weather this weekend and have grand plans of laying low this week after last week's VBS!

Oh, and I tried making pancakes this morning and realized we were out of eggs. Boo.

So, let's see some pictures from VBS, shall we?

The theme was Rev It Up, which was all kinds of fun. :)

The week of VBS is focused on raising money for two missionary families. To make it fun, they split the girls and boys into teams, one missionary family for each. All week it's all about cheering for the girls' team or cheering for the boys' team!

Naomi was clearly proud to be on the girls' team. :) On the last day at the opening assembly, the final offering is taken.

Caleb and his bag of change!

My fellow nursery workers and I wheeled the babies into the assembly in one of the cribs so they could give their pennies, too! (But mostly so everyone could Ooo and Ahh at their cuteness!)

In the end, over $16,000 was raised for the families. The total, of course, was split down the middle and both families got an equal amount. :) Throughout the week, the kids were able to Skype with the missionaries, which was great! Caleb loved it and every day since has asked when we're going back. :)

Now I have a toddler trying to crawl in my lap and a baby girl babbling over the monitor--time to figure out breakfast!

Have a lovely day. :)

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  1. You're a trooper, and it sounds like the week was awesome! :)