Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Love {The Week}!


The kiddos accompanied me to Home Depot. I love the carts and I love the two cuties sitting in the cart even more! Apparently, they get just as excited about paint as I do.


My Dad installed a dimmer for the kitchen can lights! I like dim light. All of the time. Now these lights will actually be used. :)


Big brother was at the lake with his grandparents, so my little lady and I enjoyed homemade blueberry pancakes (I'm obsessed with making my own pancake mix, but apparently I am not obsessed with emptying the kitchen trash promptly) together. She was a blue-stained cutie by the end of it all and a morning bath was necessary. :)

That night, I had a craving for crab cakes. Mmm. Crab cakes. The tint on the picture makes them look black, but, I promise, they were toasty good!


My iPhone case came in! Yay! Thank you to my dear friend for sharing her cool connections with me. Because she's way cooler than me. :)


Caleb came home from the lake, which meant a celebratory dinner in honor of his return! Homemade fried rice (he loves rice) and from-scratch white chocolate cupcakes with homemade oreo buttercream frosting. Dangerous and amazing. I'll post the cupcake recipe next week--it really is a good one!


Little Miss after her little buddy left after a fun dinner together. It was so sad!

There you have it, friends!

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. My son loves to go to home depot just because of the baskets. They keep them entertained. And I'm looking forward to the cupcake recipe. Sounds dangerously yummy.

  2. Your kids are adorable! I have a question -- we are in the process of building our home and will be buying stainless steal appliances. I noticed that's what you have... what brand do you have and do you like them?! Thanks!

  3. Thank you! All of our appliances are Maytag and came with the house, with the exception of the refrigerator, which we had to purchase ourselves. It is a Samsung and we like it, but I will say that stainless steel and magnets/sticky fingers do not necessarily coexist nicely. :) Already our fridge is scratched up, and we've only had it for a few months. We had ordered a "silver mist" finish which is not true stainless (because it is scratch-resistant), but we realized the order was placed incorrectly and we ended up with stainless. We love our fridge and personally don't care if it is banged up, simply because that's the stage we're in. :) And, most of the scratches can be cleaned or buffed out. It's funny because I intentionally bought a basic white fridge when we bought our first home, simply because I foresaw kiddo damage in the future ... but then our fridge was negotiated in the sale of our home!! Anyway, like I said, I love the stainless look and it serves its purpose well, even with a few battle scars. :)

  4. Perfect! Thank you so much! We are also currently in the little finger prints stage {I have two boys. One is almost two and one is almost 3 months!} so I will have to look into the silver mist as well!

    Congrats on baby number three! I admire you! I am still learning how to handle two... phew!

  5. Thanks for letting us be a part of your week! :)