Monday, June 13, 2011

Preggo Questions I've Had Thusly:

1) How long have you known?

A really long time. As in, a few weeks, which is a long time, considering I'm only eight weeks along. I must have found out at the earliest possible time, which is ironic, because I took the test simply to rule it out because I am terrible at keeping track of things, not because I thought I could even possibly be pregnant.

2) How far along are you?

Eight weeks and a few days.

3) Have you heard the heartbeat?

Yes, my prerequisite to sharing the news a la the Internet. I heard the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks. I know there is still the possibility of something going wrong, even though my doctor says everything looks great, but we are thankful for things looking good thus far.

4) How are you feeling?

I'm feeling quite pregnant! Nauseous and exhausted. I've only actually thrown up a few times (I'm sure you wanted to know that) which is actually pretty good considering my previous pregnancy symptom track record! I'm borderline hypoglycemic in general, which contributes to my queasiness, so I have to time when I eat and what I eat. Lots of protein, a bit of sugar here and there (meaning: DARK CHOCOLATE, yum). ;)

5) Was this pregnancy planned?

Ahh, the first question my doctor asked me! :) I'm going to try and answer this very carefully. I want to say that I personally know and also know of several amazing families who are trying and waiting to have children. I get frustrated when people treat pregnancy lightly, acting like it isn't a big deal to get pregnant, or they freak out when they don't get pregnant on the first or second try ... when there are families who have been trying for years. It's a sensitive topic, so I want to treat it sensitively. That being said, we were not necessarily thinking that something like this would happen, but it did, and we are absolutely overjoyed and humbled. We love being parents and are excited for the adventure ahead!

6) So ... how far apart will your kids be??

Cub and Naomi are 20 months apart. Naomi and Baby Bean will be between 18 - 19 months apart. I anticipate that I will be in hiding for roughly five years. :)

7) Hence, the new house?

Ha ha, no, this isn't why we bought the house, since we didn't see this coming (ever)! But, we are thankful that all of our kids will have room to run and play, and thankful that this was all coming together in perfect timing, unbeknownst to us.

8) Hence, the minivan?

Yes, hence, the minivan. I even have a plan on how I'm going to seat the kids (you can go ahead and laugh at me): I'm going to put Cub and Naomi in the back seat and put Baby Bean in one of the middle row captain's chairs. I'm going to fold the other captain's chair into the floor, so I can step into the van and have instant access to all three kids. See? I'm so lame! I already have a plan for car seat situating! You can call it over-thinking, but I call it SURVIVAL. I have to feel like I have some sort of idea of what I'm going to do with three kids in three car seats! ;)

9) Hey Katie, didn't you donate most of your baby clothes?

Yep! Dumb!

There you have it, friends! I've received emails and Facebook messages saying that Blogger isn't allowing some of you to post comments--I don't know what the deal is! I'm sorry, but thank you so much for your well wishes!

Have a lovely day.


  1. I never thought to put both older kids in the back together. My car has captains chairs in the 2nd row too, but my plan thus far was baby and middle in the 2nd row and oldest in the back. I think I like your idea better. Thanks for sharing.

    ...and congrats again! Hope you start feeling better.

  2. congrats! this is such fun news!!! and no i don't think it's lame you have a carseat plan :) In planning for our third, this has been one of my biggest issues of figuring out how it will work and the spacing between our next one (considering our current car) no - i don't think it's lame at all! ha. excited for you guys! you never hear of someone saying "man - i wish we would have had less kids" - it's simply always the opposite. :)

  3. Congrats! And you are so not lame for planning your seating arrangements. I would be the same way. Also thank you for your sensitivity on how you approach the whole pregnancy thing. It took me over a year to get pregnant with my son and then we had some really serious problems that led to him being 5 weeks early. After careful consideration we have decided to pursue adoption for our next one. Still I hate it when people treat pregnancy nonchalantly. It is an amazing gift to be a parent and shouldn't be taken lightly.

  4. One of my first thoughts after seeing your news was, "Oh no! She gave away her baby clothes!!!" A minor detail in the grand scheme of a wonderful change of plans! (And yet another way I get to learn from you as you go before me...note to self: save baby items way longer than I think I should! ;) So so excited for you. And don't worry, you'll totally be a sexy minivan mom!