Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Tip for Tuesday.

These are the walls in our formal living room, the room you saw in the previous post that housed our kitchen table for our Mother's Day lunch.

Nice touch-ups, eh?

When we did our final walk-through the day before we closed, we saw that the homeowners had graciously gone through the house and "touched up" the paint. This was the result.

Now. I am in no way hating on the previous homeowners. Why?


Our poor buyer had to see my feeble attempts at patching the holes in our walls (and they still bought our house!). Sweet buyer. So, when our realtor gestured to this particular wall and asked, "Would you like to have them fix this before we close?", my response was a fervent, "No, no, bless their hearts, they've done so much work, I FEEL THEIR PAIN."

So, this is my tip for the day: If you have a nail hole to patch, only cover the hole. Like, the tiny dot of the hole. Dip a toothpick in your spackling and very carefully fill the hole. Then take another toothpick or a fine-pointed watercolor brush and color only enough to cover the spackling. This advice came to me after I had done a touch-up like the aforementioned picture. I even used the right color of paint and it still looked rough. After I took this advice, the touch-ups were much better, even if I only had spackling and didn't have the right color of paint. A few tiny dots aren't that noticeable and are easy to cover.

Textured walls are tricky, I get it. But fixing this kind of "touch-up" requires that the whole wall be repainted ... nay, the whole room!

(And I personally didn't mind the tan in the first place.)

So, there you have it. Your Tip Tuesday.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Thanks for the advice. That looks like a patch up job I would do :)

  2. good one. I'll put it in my "for future use" part of my brain. :)

  3. good idea! I've never really done much of the patching, except in college, and we used tooth paste :D LOL! Oh, poor dorms!