Sunday, May 22, 2011

Movin' On Up!

Today the chickens left their home in the garage ...

... traveled across the lawn ...

... and were introduced to their new and permanent home:

The coop.

(Nevermind the box of oil in the garage with a fried chicken on it. Tacky, I know.)

(Also, note that there are only three chickens in the box in the garage. That is because most of the chickens had already decided the box was too small for them, and they ran around the garage instead. Crazy chickens! Now all of them are safely in the coop.)

We ordered the coop from a lady who has lots of chickens and has a self-proclaimed proven approach to chicken coop design. It has wheels so we can lift it and move it around the yard to keep it evenly fertilized, but it's very heavy, which should help to keep it from tipping in this crazy Oklahoma wind. While I understood the necessity of keeping the chickies in the garage as babies, I'm quite happy for them to have their own home!

Welcome to the coop, chickens.


  1. Ok, that is're getting eggs AND fertilizer! We are SO doing this someday! And I'll be calling you so that you can tell me exactly how :)

  2. There they go! Tell them to get to laying so we can come over for Saturday brunch. ;)

  3. That's a really nice chicken coop. I love that it's fertilizing too. Double score.

  4. The wheels are so smart! Love that it's serving two purposes!