Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brick By Brick.

A lady I know had shared this idea and I knew I wanted to use it when we moved.

The day we unloaded the moving truck, we were crazy busy and it almost slipped my mind, until I saw the appliance delivery guys pull in the driveway. I dug through our "office" box until I found a permanent marker, and then I went to work.

Amidst the swirl of people and the mountain of boxes, I hurriedly dedicated these spaces, where I know my heart and attitude can and will greatly determine the direction of our home.

I knew they would be hidden from view, but they would not be something I would soon forget.

It is easy as a stay-at-home-mom to find our daily tasks to be somewhat mundane. But I realize that happiness is not determined by what we do, but by the attitude we choose in doing it. And I want my attitude to be one of service, to be cheerful in what I do, knowing that whether I am cooking dinner or doing laundry, I am glorifying God by caring for what He has given to me. I am blessed to have children to feed. Blessed to have clothes to wash.

No matter what changes this house will see, these words will remain as long as these walls stand. And in the longest days, when the children are crying and the laundry is piled high and the dishes in the sink form a small mountain, I will know and believe that God has given me this life, that it is truly a gift, and while these moments are fleeting ones, they are important ones as well.

Have a lovely day.


  1. This is a beautiful post and what a great idea!

  2. Incredible idea! I will remember that for our next home! Love the new place Katie, what a fabulous spot to raise kids! :)

  3. I needed that reminder today, Katie! Thanks! And when we move into a new home a year from now, I'll remember to do the same!

  4. Thanks for that reminder. As a working mother who still carries the lion's share of the household chores, I often find myself whining about all I have to do in the little time I am home. No I don't necessarily look forward to doing 8 loads of laundry each week (who is wearing our clothes?), washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning toilets, vacuuming carpets and cushions (you get the gist), but I should be thankful for all I've been given and that I have the appliances and the ability to take care of these daily chores. Whether you stay home or you go to work it is easy to forget how blessed you truly are. Thank for that awesome reminder.

  5. I love this! How cool!!! What a great idea and a great reminder!!! Plus, what a blessing (and witness) it will be to consecutive owners! Plus, you reminded me that I should probably hang some scripture in my own laundry room, where my least favorite activity takes place! :D


  6. Love this. A very good way to start out in the new hacienda. Thanks for the idea! Tucking it away for someday! Or, maybe I'll nudge my washer away from the wall, retrieve the pile of wayward socks setting up residence, and also write a verse or two on the wall. ;)