Monday, April 4, 2011

Rosette Clips by NatSprat!

I spied rosette clips for the first time a few months ago whilst at a crafty fair in a nearby town. I was immediately in love and purchased a few for my little lady. I've seen them everywhere from headbands to brooches. So cute.

Well, a good friend of mine was in charge of the craft for our ladies' retreat this past weekend and guess what her craft of choice was? Rosette clips! I was so excited (read: obsessed) and I asked her how she had learned to make them. She referred me to this awesome blog that gives easy step-by-step instructions. I was going to type out the instructions, but this blogger's clips look waaaay cuter.

I think I made ... nine clips. NINE. A few of them are pictured above (sans buttons or bling, in case my bebe feels the need to shove them in her mouth). And I can't wait to buy some shimmery fabric and make some for Naomi's Easter outfit!

There you have it: Crafty Clips a la NatSprat. Check out her super cute blog and get crafty!

Have a lovely day!


  1. So funny that you blogged about this. I just bought some fun fabric to make some!!;) They are too cute.

  2. Oh my gosh, they turned out SOOOOO CUUUUTE! I'm so happy to see you liked the tutorial! Thank you SO much for linking to my blog, you are so sweet! This totally makes my day! :) YOU ROCK!

    Nat :)

  3. A fun tip...glue a few in a cluster on the side of a headband for yourself. I made one not too long ago (when in the throws of making a ton for baby gifts) and get SO many compliments on it!

  4. Love these! (And E says thank you for her cute one, too!). Might have to steal this idea for a wreath or something...Katie needs to teach a craft night now!! ;)

  5. Loverly :) I made some today. ADDICTIVE!

  6. These are great! Try wearing them yourself. They look awesome on adults as well.

  7. Oh my gosh! I LOVE these!!!! Yours are adorable! Thanks for sharing the blog tutorial, too! I think I will be making these this week...for me, Tucker probably shouldn't wear them ;) I have a feeling I will be addicted! SO cute!

    Also, was your ladie's retreat through church? What kind of activities did you do? Thanks!

  8. sooooo stinking cute! i'm definitely thinking of making some for myself! and, i love the wreath idea! boys don't get fun accessories!