Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Pillowy.

New bedspread before I found that Pier 1 gift card in my wallet:

New bedspread after I found that Pier 1 gift card in my wallet:

(The two throw pillows that originally came with it suddenly fit right in.)

(And, I know, it's Thursday. I'm a day behind.)

P.S.--Any ideas on how to remove the lovely wrinkles from my new shiny bedspread? I'm guessing any contact with excessive heat would result in immediate melting. And crying.


  1. It looks really cute! Love all the throw pillows--a bed is not a proper bed until there are at least 6 pillows or more on it.

    What type of fabric is it? It looks like silk shantung (shot silk)? My suggestion would be to steam it, which you could do by hanging it up in your bathroom and turning the shower on (a sort of breathing treatment for your bedspread, ha) or else turning your iron on to high steam and gliding it a few inches above the bedspread, but not actually making direct contact with it.

  2. i was going to say the exact same thing! hand it in your bathroom and steam away. that is what i do with my silk bedspread and it works perfectly!

    love the pillows!