Saturday, March 12, 2011

That's a Wrap.

The wedding was a blast.

The ring-bearer was quite adorable.

(So was the Best Man.)

Mousie stayed home, recovering from RSV/croup/yuckiness.

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, wonderful day.

Yay for the blessing of family.


  1. Yay! So glad it went well, and it looks like you three had fun!

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  3. Jenny and Andrew looked beautiful and so happy. Bev looked great and you looked pretty hot yourself!
    On another note, is your blogging frequency increasing since you are giving up facebook for Lent? I find I usually do one or the other, lately facebook because it's easier to upload photos.

  4. These are adorable! You are such a beautiful family!

  5. The last picture makes me smile...little guy's face is so precious!

  6. Pam, yes, I will probably blog more since I am not on Facebook during Lent. I'm trying to get into that habit anyway, since blogging is more of a way of keeping a journal for me, and Facebook isn't. I'm trying to do more writing, less status-updating!!

    Plus, it's just way too easy for me, personally, to waste tons of time on Facebook. A little annoying.