Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nine Months.

Dear Naomi,

Today you are nine months old. NINE. You have officially been outside of my body longer than you were in it. Yay!

Please note that this month has been slightly hectic and I did not do a monthly birthday photo shoot with you as I typically do. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, we put our house on the market, and, Secondly, you were sick for a week. Now. In print, it doesn't seem like either of those should make a photo shoot impossible. And yet, and yet, AND YET, my time has been completely consumed with either of the two (take your pick), rendering any sort of extra activity pretty much useless, along with my brain. It seems that all of the energy it takes to do those things is exactly the amount of energy that I have, and each night I fall into bed and sleep just enough to restock my reserves.

Please don't mind that your pictures this month are all from my phone.

You weigh 17 pounds and are .... long. I'm not sure exactly how long (we'll find out at your check-up today). You are eating 4-5 times a day (formula and then food, except at bedtime, which is just formula). You're beginning to eat more table food and you have a specific affinity for bread, which is absolutely proof that you are, in fact, my child.


You learned to crawl this month! Yay! After months of trying, you finally got it. We're so proud, and so are you! You're so proud of yourself, in fact, that you've also learned to clap, to cheer yourself on. How cute is that? You can almost pull up by yourself, and you are beginning to cruise if we attach you to furniture. You love to stand. I mean, LOVE to stand. You really only learned to crawl in hopes that it would help you stand, I'm sure. You go girl. You're doing great.

You continue to babble like crazy, and a few nights ago I caught you saying "Hello!" on video, repeating it after me. Of course, it sounded more like "Hey-yo!" which is just as awesome. I'm not sure why you've chosen "Hey-yo!" to be your first word, but it's adorable and we'll take it. You can wave intermittently, especially when you are with people you know well. Other than that, you keep the wave to yourself. Thanks to crawling, you can also sit up by yourself (going from crawling position to sitting position--you've been sitting for a while). You can click your tongue and blow raspberries as well, both of which are very useful. ;) Cutie patootie.

You are teething yet toothless.

Since Daylight Savings a few days ago, you've been taking two naps. I heard the "2-3-4" pattern from a friend and I think it means that you wake up in the morning, stay awake for two hours, take a nap, stay awake for three hours, take another nap, stay awake for four hours, and then hit the hay for bedtime. Crazy enough, it's pretty accurate! You go to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and sleep until 8:00. Every once in a while your nap gets intruded, but your fussing upon waking up lets me know you still need some rest, and within a few minutes you are back to sleep.

Happenings this month:

You got sick. :(

But you were a good girl waiting at the doctor's office.

Your brother had been sick for a few days, and you had a slightly runny nose, so I took you in JUST to be safe ... and it turns out you had RSV and, possibly, croup. Poor baby girl. What in the world?! You hadn't been to the nursery in over a week, so I'm blaming the Reasor's shopping cart on this one.

The nurse practitioner said the worse was yet to come, and she was right. Within 24 hours your little voice got hoarse and your nose got runnier. But, thank heavens, that was it. Your case was mild (you never got a fever, phew!), for which I am very thankful. We did the token steam treatments and you are doing much better.

Little Mouse. To say you are a delight is a stark understatement. You are a glowing, bubbly, happy, bouncy, beaming baby girl. You bring sunshine to our lives and we love you for it. You love to be around people, you love to smile, and you love to laugh. You are sweet.

We love you, baby girl.



  1. I swear by the 2-3-4 routine! Worked wonders for me in establishing a routine for Riggins (and actually, it just seemed that he just fell into it naturally, which is even better!). Your little mouse is such a cutie pie! Can't believe she's already 9 months!

  2. Then it must have been you that Erin was talking about! I couldn't remember! We never had a chance to expound on the conversation (we got distracted--it was a long time ago), but after Naomi switched to two naps, it totally made sense! So, thank you for unknowingly introducing it to me. :)

  3. Yes, Leslie was the one who told me about 2-3-4! And it is kind of funny like you girls said how the kids just sort of fall into that routine anyway...but it sure is helpful to Mom to have some sort of framework around which to base the day. Naomi is so cute, Katie, and she's doing so well! What a little lady. Tell her "hey-yo" for me!

  4. Happy birthday, nine month old!