Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here We Go ...

My life this week ...



6:00pm--We decide that, despite our home being unsold, we are going to take a risk and put a contingency offer on the house that we want, on Monday morning. We realize we just love the house and want to make a move. We're nervous, but excited.


10:00am--Out of the blue, we receive an offer on our house.

10:01am--We are in total disbelief.

1:00pm--We counteroffer. Totally HGTV-esque. Huddled around the cell phone.

2:00pm--They accept. Our house now has a sale pending, earnest money and all. The buyer unknowingly chooses my birthday as the closing date. We are shocked, to say the least! We will now be homeless in six weeks if we don't get the house we want. :)

10:00pm-11:00pm--My husband and I sit on the floor of our bedroom, surrounded by superfluous paperwork, initialing and signing the offer we've accepted on our home while simultaneously initialing and signing the offer we want to put on the home we want, while our realtor directs us on speaker phone.

12:00am--We crash into bed, emotionally and physically exhausted.


8:00am--While feeding Naomi breakfast, I receive word from my brother that my NIECE IS HERE!! Nadia Jane, born at 7:44am. 8 pounds and perfect. I'm bummed that they are states away, but rejoicing that she's HERE! She and Naomi will be less than a year apart and I know that, no matter what happens with the day, it is a blessed day, because Nadia is here and everyone is healthy. The gift of life is a miraculous one!!

8:15am--Naomi and I take our offer and earnest money to the realtor's office.

12:00pm--We learn that we will not hear back from the seller until the following day.

We wait.


9:30am--I go to Bible Study and am contacted by our realtor to sign more paperwork. Our offer to the seller will expire at 5:00pm.

4:00pm--The seller counteroffers.

4:10pm--We counteroffer.

More waiting.

And unsightly cupcake consumption.


9:30am--Our realtor calls. They've accepted our counteroffer and want to close on the same date (my birthday). We scream and jump and cry.

Oh, and guess what?

Today is my husband's birthday.


To say that we are floored, stunned, overwhelmed, and overjoyed would be an understatement. We are thrilled and humbled.

We know that a lot could happen between now and closing--I've heard enough scary stories that I won't have peace until all of the documents are signed and done! But, for now, we are giddy and excited, giving God the glory for a plan we couldn't have possibly dreamt up ourselves.

Trust me. I've had some pretty crazy dreams. ;)

And the adventure begins!

Have a lovely day.


  1. yay!!! so pleased for you all!

  2. that is so exciting!! not that many people have such blessed timing!! hope everything goes through smoothly and works out...can't wait to see photos of your new place!

  3. That's great - what a happy birthday!

  4. My husband's a realtor and real estate is a crazy business, but I have to say that in your case it seems that God is in it. I'll be praying that everything works out well and congratulations!

  5. Wow! Congratulations Katie! What wonderful birthday presents for you and your husband.

  6. Congratulations! What great news (not to mention great birthday gift!)

  7. That's awesome! Congrats on all fronts!

  8. CONGRATS!!!!! Doesn't He continually blow your socks off?

  9. WOW!!!!! So excited for you all! :)

  10. How awesome! Congratulations, Katie! Can't wait to see/hear all about the new house!

  11. Yay! So happy for you Katie! Will be praying that everything goes smoothly with both closings. Love ya, girlie!