Thursday, February 10, 2011


While my corner of the world has been covered in white, there have been a few honorable mentions that have made the experience of being cooped up just a little more bearable. A constant reminder that it really is the little stuff that makes the big stuff not quite so bad.

1) Candlelit

My little guy decided that he would like candles when we eat breakfast, please. He loves "FIRE!" when it is blazing in his grandparents' fireplace, so the concept of a much smaller fire being on the table while he eats is pretty fascinating. Every morning, I've lit the tapers on our table, and there is a sudden and simultaneous elegance and coziness amidst our eggs and oatmeal, while the world of white continues on outside.

2) Lofty

My husband flipped over Cub's big boy bed to its lofted position, and Cub is absolutely amazed. He LOVES the new setup and constantly asks to play on his bed. I say he asks because, while he is perfectly capable of climbing up and down the ladder (and has done so several times), he still prefers to be hoisted or at least helped when he makes his ascent. So funny. He's loving his "BIG FORK!" (big fort) and I'm loving the extra storage.

3) Rolling Up My Sleeves

I attempted homemade chicken stock for the first time last week and we loved it. I did it again this week, too, and I'm fairly certain it will become a household staple. My sister-in-law first explained it to me and it sounded slightly overwhelming at first, but, once I did it, I understood why she loves to do it, too. I am sure that many of my readers already do this, but for those of you who are green in the homemade broth area such as myself, I thought I might share how to do it in case you are interested (or, at least, how I was told to do it ... a family recipe then, right?). :)

: Take a whole chicken and remove the innards (gah, I know). Stick the bird in a stock pot and begin filling the pot with water, until the chicken is barely covered. Throw in your desired ingredients. I chose parsley, bay leaves, sea salt, carrots, celery, garlic, peppercorns, and onion. Bring the water to a boil and simmer for a few hours (and allow the delicious aroma to fill your house ... yum). Once the chicken is cooked, grab another pot, a strainer, and a large mixing bowl or platter. Very carefully remove the chicken from the water (it will probably fall apart) and place it on the bowl or platter. Grab your strainer and place it on top of your extra pot. Dump the remaining contents of your original pot into the new pot, straining out the vegetables (and possibly the remainder of the chicken!). I pour mine into the crock-pot and use it immediately for chicken noodle soup (pictured above, sans noodles), but you can store it in containers if you'd like and place them in the refrigerator (you may want to skim the top after its been refrigerated). Do what you'd like with the veggies ... I put mine in the soup. Take the chicken and once the skin is removed, you can shred it and either store it or use immediately. Voila! Now you have a supply of broth and chicken for your use. Healthier than canned broth, and more yummy, too! I pureed my chicken noodle soup in our food processor for Naomi, and she loved it. A real family meal! :) :

While the cold temps are making me long for summer, I know the muggy days of August will have me begging for January once again, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can. I find that, regardless of the weather, having two joyful little kiddos, a hubby who makes me laugh, and a home I love to keep, makes these days all the more special.

Yay for joyful moments.


  1. How cute that Cub likes to dine by candlelight.

  2. C appreciates the finer things in life, like candlelit dinners...breakfasts, I mean. ;) Good post.

  3. Good job on the homemade chicken stock! I make ours about once a week and we love it!

  4. Sounds like you are staying warm and cozy amidst the cold! I feel warm and cozy just reading this!

  5. Big fan of the homemade stock! I often just roast a chicken and then make stock with just the bones. It's awesome to put in baggies in the freezer for future meals that call for a can of chicken broth.