Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cooped Up and Stuffed.

I opened my front door this morning and discovered a snow drift that was almost up to my chest. The wind is howling outside, creating spontaneous white-out conditions, which I find to be just a tad unnerving.

This snow storm is probably the biggest one I've witnessed since living in Oklahoma. Treacherous ice is typically our forte, so seeing blizzard warnings is honestly a tad bizarre. It isn't so much the snowfall, it's the WIND. The snow doesn't even have a chance to fall before it gets pushed all over the place by the heaving gusts. My family is from New England, so I know they are used to these kinds of storms, but here in the southern Midwest, it's a little scary!

So, thankfully, my husband is home from work and the kiddos are tucked in bed and the electricity is still on. Which means: Time to COOK!

My Menu for this storm includes:

Homemade chicken and noodle soup (I'm making my own chicken stock for the first time and it smells heavenly!), chili in a bread bowl, and white chicken chili. When I think cold, I think crock-pot. Of course, I had to make sure that my menu was also stovetop-compatable, in case we lose power (we have a gas range). I'm also planning big breakfasts (sausage, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, eggs, pancakes, etc.) and lazy lunches like toasted pita bread stuffed with banana, honey, and peanut butter. I guess I really want my family to be WARM, and this food all says WARM to me! Ooo, and a good cup of hot coco or coffee. Yum.

So, friends, what does your menu look like when you look out the windows and see white? Or, if you see white all the time during the winter months, what are your favorite comfort foods?

Have a lovely day!


  1. That sounds awesome. Here in Central TX it's cold but no snow or ice. The wind however is blowing about 40 mph. Yuck! Unfortunately, I'm home with a sick baby today, so I'm not sure what I'll cook. Whatever it is, I'm on the bandwagon for comfort food, and homemade chicken noodle soup might not be a bad idea :)

  2. Ohhh that sounds so lovely and tasty. My comfort food varies, but anything warm, soupy, meaty and hearty generally makes the list.

  3. We are expecting a huge blizzard in Chicago too. My husband is at the store right now getting stuff to make Bobby Flay's meat loaf recipe!

  4. Mmm, just tell Cub to load up that wagon and head on over here with some of that yummy food! ;) We are doing homemade chicken noodle soup also, and probably some leftover white chicken chili that I froze from last week. And now, time to purge this house! What better day to do it?! Stay warm!

  5. We just missed the storm, so we're just stuck with lots of rain in Memphis. Still good weather for comfort food! I'm making lasagna tonight and trying a new recipe for low fat no bake cheesecake for dessert!

  6. It's 65 degrees and sunny where I am, but I still like a warm bowl of soup on these days. Just a thought about potty training for #2. I just went through this with my son, so it is fresh in my mind. You may want to leave him in underwear for his nap one day since that is when he always seems to be going #2. He may just be holding it till that time because he doesn't have it figured out yet. Sure enough, whenever we put Aidan in a diaper, he went. Finally we just went cold turkey with the underwear for a day and he eventually pooped in the potty. He didn't have a choice. It took him about 5 tries (going to the potty but not being able to go) before he finally went, but after that first time, he got better and better at it and now he goes the first time he feels the urge. Just a thought! I know it's hard because you don't want a mess to clean up if he goes during naps, but it may be the only way he'll learn. :) Good luck!