Monday, February 14, 2011

Because It's Fun.

Heart-shaped pancakes.

On heart-shaped plates.

And a card taped to the steering wheel of my husband's car.

(It surprises him, even though I do it every year.)

Simple love for the ones who make my heart full.

What do you do for Valentine's Day?


  1. The simple things are the best! The babies and I are gonna make cookies, heart shaped of course!!!

  2. Oh man, I sort of forgot about this day! Hmm. You've inspired me to make breakfast for dinner...heart-shaped pancakes. :)

  3. That's very sweet! Well my husband happens to loves fortune cookies. He gets a kick out of reading "his fortune" tucked inside so I found these great chocolate covered fortune cookies and gave them to him! He loved it! :)

  4. I teach at the school my son attends, so today between classes I tucked little gifts into his locker. He announced to his Genetics class, "I just want everybody to know, I got SEA MONKEYS for Valentines Day!" - thrilled as could be. :)

  5. A love note in a wallet. A love note in a backpack. And single stemmed roses in Venti cups of water. :) Just cause. :)