Friday, January 28, 2011

Potty Dance: A Question.

Okay, this is the last potty dance post for the weekend. All this posting and pottying are wearing me out!

So, precious Cubbie did awesome today--just that first initial accident and then no more accidents in the big boy underwear. Yay! We even went for a long walk and played outside, all accident-free. Hey-oh!

Then bathtime came.

And ... as I turned my back to dry off Naomi, I heard Cub exclaim, "Uh-oh! Chocolate in the water!"

Yeah it wasn't chocolate.

Needless to say, my gag reflex was in high gear as I cleaned out (read: BLEACHED) the tub and its toys. Cub got a quick hosedown and washing in my shower and all was well. Yeesh.

So, I'm not sure if his little Number Two In the Tub episode was the result of not wanting to do that action in the potty, or if was simply because he's, well, two. I'm guessing the former rather than the latter.

I know that Number Two training in le potty is typically the trickiest, so, does anyone have any tips? This little tub adventure was the first time that's ever happened--he typically hides to do his business. So, if he hides again, do I put him on the potty and try to explain that he should go?

Or should Nigh-Nigh and some tootsie rolls do the trick?

Any ideas are welcome.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. With my kids I usually had to catch them in the act or right before. If you're aware of their routine (and basically their every move while potty-training) you can usually predict the timing. They use different muscles for #2 so it's a different feeling all together and can be scary for some reason. One of my kids hid or held it until he got a pull-up on at nap time. He knew what he was doing and at that point just needed discipline. But usually, once they get it in the potty chair the first time (and get a HUGE reward) they'll do it every time after that (for the most part :) )

  2. We did the 3 day potty training method. It said to only follow their cues for putting them on the potty. S used to hide for #2 also. We watched her like a hawk, then when she would start to run off and hide, we'd grab her and put her on the potty. Explain that it goes in the potty, not in undies or on the carpet. She got it after the first few times and stopped hiding. It also helped that the potty was hidden. I agree with Five Freddys that once they do it, they will keep doing it because it's so exciting.

    Good luck! It's all worth it in the end when you are only changing one diaper all day. ;)

  3. That's our last hurdle as well. She has peeing down pat. Still working on #2. Livy hides as well when she does the dirty deed. She knows she will get a big PRIZE if she poo poos in potty! :)

  4. It is trickier. At first my son held it for days because he was scared of going in the potty. Then he went during nap time, but I don't think it was while he was sleeping. He did know what he was doing, but I refrained from discipline/punishment because I knew that it was a scary experience for him. If your not careful discipline during potty training can backfire (advice from my mother who raised three children). Finally, I told him if he went in the potty he would get a big surprise (i.e. a Buzz Lightyear toy). I know that that sounds awful, but I had to motivate him. I also had to make him sit for about 15 min. When he finally relaxed, he went. We immediately went and got the toy. I then explained that he only got to keep it if he used the potty every single time. It worked. I'm not sure if a psychologist would agree with how I handled it, but for us it did the trick. He did great after that. And Buzz is still one of his favorite toys.

  5. although i do not have children; i teach at a school where you need to be potty trained [not always the case, parents claim they are..but they arent]. just like you have been doing, we just remind them and remind them that the bathroom is for that, not the underwear and such; i believe if you keep reminding him and watching him "to hide" then i believe you can do it =]
    i love your blog and everything; =]]
    have a good weekend!