Thursday, January 27, 2011

Potty Dance, Part Two.

Okay. I've got fifteen minutes.


This morning, I (very enthusiastically) ran into Cub's room as he woke up and declared, "IT'S POTTY TIME!" I was hoping my enthusiasm would put a positive spin on the day; however, my non-morning-person Cub stared at me through sleepy eyes under a mop of bedhead. When I sat him on his potty chair, he hung his head and buried it in Nigh-Nigh. And moaned.

We'll go ahead and take a point away from Mommy on that one.

Needless to say, he did not go pee pee. In fact, he waited a good 45 minutes before he decided to release a "WATERFALL!". Thankfully, that "WATERFALL!" was in his big boy potty, and much cheering and high-fiving and M&M consuming ensued. So, obviously, he knows how to "hold it" and this morning I could see him prancing around in a potty dance, knowing he needed to go, but not wanting to release it. I am seeing the importance of reading his personality and not just going off of my own.

Okay. Here are some quick tidbits before I jump back into it:

-His response to accidents has changed. At first it was a bit of apathy, and now, he declares, "WET!" and he hates it. That's good. We haven't had any accidents yet today, but we still have a long day ahead of us!

-Understanding when he is "dry" is almost as important as him using the big boy potty. I think it's safe to say he knows the difference between wet and dry now (as it pertains to potty training, of course).

-Throwing a parade in his honor every time he goes potty in the potty never gets old.

-We've called several relatives and friends with each success and they've been awesome at cheering him on.

-He loves standing at the sink and playing in the water, so I've let him do that all day. All that water makes a boy gotta go! :)

-We're totally homebound! But, it's okay. I have lots of stuff to get done.

I'll update again later or tomorrow.

Keepin' it real,


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! I'll be embarking on a similar journey in a few months with my daughter and it's great to see other experiences!

  2. Haha, I remember calling everyone we knew when she'd go too. She loved it! It always made me laugh though.

    Soon, you'll recognize his cues for having to go, and you won't have to just plop him down when he really doesn't have to go. ...and you'll learn his pee schedule. S never pees first thing in the morning, which is kind of odd, it's always right after breakfast. I always just thought everyone goes right when they get up. ;)

  3. Yay Cub! I'm happy he's doing so well and that he can talk...that's our biggest obstacle is that Bub doesn't say much. Just not ready yet...
    And EVERY fifteen minutes, you are my hero. We were doing it every 30 and I fell harder on my pillow than I think I've ever fallen at night. And we both have wee ones too!

    Wonderful challenges!!

  4. Sounds like he's almost there. We stayed home for about 5 days. On the sixth day we had mommy and me gymnastics. I made him wear a pull-up that a friend had given me. Needless to say, he was humiliated, even though all the other kids were wearing diapers. After that I never put a pull up on him again. And yes, they can hold it in the mornings . . . I'm not sure how, but they can.

  5. YAY Caleb! Sounds like you've got a great approach going...hopefully he can pick out some awesome super hero underwear as a reward when it's all said and done! :)

  6. Way to go Caleb and mom! It takes commitment on both parties:)

  7. way to go, Caleb!! It sounds like both of you are doing great! :)