Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pinch. Ouch.

Yes. I am totally pinching my gut and putting a picture of it on the Internet.

After Naomi was born, I lost the baby weight fairly quickly, thanks to my no-dairy diet regiment. Naturally, when she was weaned, I comforted myself with the likes of venti Starbucks drinks, most of which included caramel and chocolate to some degree, and I, slowly but surely, started gaining weight. Add in some holidays with a side of pie, and I've officially done myself in. I stepped on the scale yesterday to see that I was a whopping EIGHT POUNDS over my pre-pregnancy weight. Do you know what this means?

This means it's not baby weight, folks.

It's just weight.

So, thanks to a helpful friend who initiated some circuit training I can do at home, plus Zumba classes, plus some tweaks in our diet (like, say, passing over those four cookies for some apples and almond butter), I have set some weight goals for myself this year.

Now. I know that some people hate reading about other people's weight stuff, finding it petty and annoying. And if that's you, then go ahead and skip this post. But, I hate to admit it, but this blog has very little to do with pleasing its readers and has more to do with being honest. And if that pleases you, then great! And if not, then please note that there are no banners, no ads, no money coming from this blog. It's really just for me. And if you'd like to read along, then you are more than welcome to. I love the company!

So. Back to The Plan. This year is punctuated with events that will serve as small markers for my overall weight loss goal. I've mentioned before: I am a short-term goal lady. Long-term goals and I just don't work well together. So, I've decided to make a weight loss goal with each event. My overall goal is to lose the weight slowly and steadily. I know if I drop it fast, the chances are better that I'll gain it right back. Now that we are finished having babies (as far as we know), it is very important for me to develop and keep a healthy lifestyle from here on out, knowing that a) I can't eat like I used to be able to, and b) I won't have breastfeeding to bail me out!

Here is The Plan:

March 11: Brother-in-law's wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid
Weight loss goal: Five pounds

Weight loss goal: Five more pounds

August: Trip to New England (where we will undoubtedly go to a beach)
Weight loss goal: Five more pounds

Weight loss goal: Two to five more pounds

The overall weight loss goal is between 15-20 pounds in ten months. Overall, it isn't so much about weight loss as much as it is about being healthy and feeling good in my clothes. But, at this point with these first ten pounds, it HAS to be about weight loss. My "Mom pooch" is now a "cookie gut" and that just needs to change!

So, why put it on the Internet? Well, if posting a picture of myself pinching my fat isn't good accountability, then I don't know what is. You have all now seen me at my worst. And I hope that in ten months, you will be able to see me at my best. I will keep you updated at every marker, posting a picture of my progress. And if there hasn't been progress? Boy, will that be embarrassing! And if there has? Then you know I've worked hard for it.

I love food. This won't be easy.

Okay. I just heard a big splash and a very giddy "WATERFALL!!!" come from the kitchen, which means TROUBLE. Gotta go!

Have a lovely day.


  1. You are a brave lady! I only ever showed pictures of my scale as I was standing on it as my accountability.

    Eight pounds isn't much, love. You can do it!

  2. I stepped on the scale and I'd gained 7 pounds since August. It happens! I like this post. It motivates me!!

  3. As someone who recommends exercise to her patients every day, I've found this website really helpful (especially for those who get bored easily with exercise):

    You can take the quiz to find out your fitness "color" and what kind of exercise you'll be most likely to stick with. Good luck on your weight loss and props for posting online! :)

  4. You are a brave lady! I never weigh myself...have no idea what I weigh. But, I gauge my weight gain on the stomach (and leg and arm) pinch too. And basically just how my clothes fit. I SWORE I'd start exercising once E became independent....that was 3 months ago. I just started exercising this week. It not only helps lose weight, but adds energy too, which I need and love.

    Best of luck to you!

  5. Go girl! Think we're going to start hitting up a Zumba class this week too. You can do it!

  6. if I had a kudos bar right now, I'd totally give it to you. New Life Ranch style. I'm sure you'll do great!

  7. Weigh to go! (Get it?!? I know. Hilarious.) You are gorgeous and lovely and awesome. Zumba, here we come!

  8. Great post. Great goal(s). Great motivation. Great you.

  9. I love this post. I too am trying to lose weight. I did so good this time last year. Dropped 13 pounds. I got back on the scale after Christmas and I gained 10 of it back. blah. You can do it. (I'll be cheering you on)

  10. You are SO REAL and I love that! I am looking forward to reading about your success! Our bodies are temples of Christ and this is a good reminder to eat better and work out!

  11. I know you can do it. A blog is a great way to make yourself accountable and document your progress.