Sunday, November 14, 2010

Five Months.

Dear Naomi,

Today you are five months old.

Be still, my heart.

FIVE MONTHS? Really?? I'm sitting here, shaking my head, in awe of how quickly time has passed. You've grown and changed so much in the past few months and I've only a few moments to sit here and type it down. I cannot capture its enormity, so bear with me!

You may notice (rather, you WILL notice, because you are a girl) that your four month letter is missing. I could make up a lie and tell you that it's partially done, or it's all-typed out and hiding, but I'm going to raise you to hopefully not lie, so I suppose I should tell the truth, too. There is no four month letter. It's nothing personal, trust me. It just so happens that the day you turned four months old is the day I weaned you to formula. This might not sound like a big deal, little Mouse, but it was. The formula we gave you tasted wretched and we battled through a weekend of sleepless nights and miserable days before finally finding a formula that was right for you. On top of that, I was going through my own sad moment of weaning you so soon, which was not my plan, and I kind of mourned it for a few days. After a few good cries and my Mother (your Memere) putting her hand on my chin and declaring, "YOU SET IMPOSSIBLY HIGH STANDARDS FOR YOURSELF", I was able to clear my head of the sadness and focus on what really mattered: You. And you've done great.

That isn't to say that your crying fits have disappeared. They haven't. But they are few and though they are mighty, they are, I believe, on their way out. But, we shall see.

So. Anyway. The lack of a four month letter is in no way an indication that that particular month was not a full one. It was. And look! We made it to five months. Now for the updates.


Based on your last doctor's visit, you are in the 90th percentile for height, the 40th for weight, and the twelfth for head circumference. I have the exact numbers in your baby book, which is tucked nicely in the bookshelf next to your crib where you are currently asleep. I'll check it later. :) But, it's sufficient to say that you are tall and skinny, with some yummy chubby baby thighs forming. The nickname of "Mouse" continues to fit you and your petite features! We'll see if the transition to formula helps to chub you up a bit. ;)


You typically take 3-4 naps a day (the last one is always a bit sketchy). Your naps range from 1-2 hours in length. You go to bed around 7:30 and wake up around 6:30 in the morning. Despite the struggle we've had with your crying fits, you've been a good sleeper amidst it all. Thank you for that. :) You sleep in your crib for all of your sleepy time, but every now and then I'm able to sneak in a nap while holding you. And oh, snuggle bug, those moments are the best.


You started on rice cereal last week. Yay! With the first bite, you were a bit astounded with the mushy substance in your mouth, but after that, it was mouth wide open. Your arms start flailing when you see me mixing up your next little batch of cereal, and, much like a little bird, your mouth is open and ready by the time I've scooped some onto a spoon. I started by giving it to you after your dinnertime bottle, but you made it quite clear that you would like some also for breakfast, please. So you eat rice cereal twice a day. And, as I mentioned earlier, you are now a bottle-only baby, and you've taken to it like a champ. You drink about five ounces five times a day, and prefer it to be just a little warm. And, of course, I accommodate, because I'm assuming that transitioning from constantly warm breast milk to something cold would seem just a tad cruel, so for now, you're getting it warmed!


It is not entirely uncommon to leave you laying next to your bouncer and find you next to the end table moments later. Though you aren't a crazy-active roller, you can definitely get somewhere if you try hard enough. Mostly you prefer to lay your stomach and watch your brother. You can "monkey sit" very well (leaning on your arms) and you are able to sit on your own for only a few moments. You're beginning to catch yourself when you tip, and it is so fun to see your little body learn how to do all of these very important things. You are also in this wonderful phase where you love to touch faces. Once we lock eyes, your little hands reach out to my cheeks and once you find them, a huge smile lights up your face. Melt my heart!


You, little mouse, are an absolutely hilarious bundle of joy. Your smile lights up the room. You definitely love attention and, while you're perfectly happy in your jumper or your Bumbo, your favorite place to be is in someone's arms. You love to take in everything that is going on around you. You smile at almost everything and everyone. The nursery workers at church swoon over your giggles (and your face touches). You are the definition of delight. When the fussy times hit, they hit hard, but knowing that your sweet smile is waiting at the end of each episode helps us to endure them more confidently.

Naomi Kate. I love you immensely.

You are my baby girl, and my sunshine, and you have your Daddy wrapped around your finger. You are precious, Mouse. And while there are so many times where we would like to hit "pause" and freeze your sweet moments, we still can't wait for what is yet to come.



  1. Awwwe, she is adorable !!!
    Lots of fun these little ones are ! Enjoy every minute :)
    I'm glad I stopped by, I'm your newest follower !

  2. Precious baby. I love these letters. She is growing up TOO FAST! Ugh. She is beautiful, Katie.