Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sitting. Waiting. Relaxing.

This is me. Sitting. Sitting with some Starbucks. Sitting with some Starbucks in Ann Taylor at the Galleria, waiting on my friend who was trying on clothes, relaxing in the moment.

Sitting. Waiting. Relaxing.

This weekend, my husband and I went to Dallas with friends, sans kids, to recharge. And recharge, we did. My friend and I shopped while our husbands golfed, and over and over again we remarked at the difference of shopping without kids. Taking our time. Revisiting stores. Not looking at the clock.

Sitting. Waiting. Relaxing.

Amazing the many definitions of "recharging".

Coming home, scooping up my kids, covering them in kisses, feeling refreshed and ready and stronger. Looking at my husband, loving how we still love to laugh, feeling closer.

Refreshed. Ready. Recharged.

I'm so glad we took this trip. The kids should be glad, too ... they definitely benefited the most from our shopping!

Mark this item off the list.

Have a lovely day!


  1. do you get your hair to look like that?! :) Do you have curly or straight hair? I'm in the process of growing mine out...and I'm hoping that I can eventually "go natural" with waves like this!!! Super cute. But do you do it?! :)

  2. Having babies totally changed the texture of my hair. It used to be stick straight. Now it's kind of ... wavy? Maybe? A friend recommended Bed Head's Foxy Curls to me, and I love it. This is what I do: When I get out of the shower, I leave my hair in the towel for only a couple of minutes. Then I shake it out and scrunch it with the towel. Then I pump some Foxy Curls Contour Cream in my palm (about 2-3 pumps--this stuff is strong!) and I scrunch it into my hair. I let my hair air-dry for about ten minutes (not tough to do, since usually a little one is needing my attention by now!) and then I blow-dry it upside down, using a diffuser. Once it is dry (or dry enough), I spritz it with the Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray and voila! Messy and finished! :)

    Wearing my hair wavy as opposed to straightening or curling it with a curling iron every day has made it much stronger and healthier. Plus, once I do this to my hair, I'm good to go for that day, the next day, and possibly the day after that, without needing to wash it again. In the picture above, I had spent the morning at Six Flags with my husband, with my hair in a messy bun--and I was still able to salvage it without having to wash it!

    Sorry, that was really long. :) I hope it helped!

  3. So fun. Much needed. Cute hair.


  4. I agree, your hair is fabulous in this photo! I'm in awe.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time!