Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shifting Sand.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I wrote a status update which basically asserted that pre-pregnancy weight and pre-pregnancy body are two very different things, at least in my case. And then I mentioned that if anyone happened to know a plastic surgeon who makes house calls, and could guarantee a painless recovery, then could he please come visit me.

Also, I would prefer that his work be free.

The comments were pretty funny. My favorite comment came from a clever lady I know who's husband described her post-baby body as "still an hour glass", except the "sand has shifted". Seriously, how funny is that?? And how true?

I realize that, for some, the post-baby body is fine. Normal. The weight comes off either quickly or slowly, but, when it does, the body is back to what it was before. For me, however, that isn't quite the case. I think I know why, but I'm not totally sure. I became fairly large when I was pregnant with Cub. I didn't gain a crazy amount of weight (30 pounds), but my stomach sure jutted out there. Then, after he was born, it took three weeks for me to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and by six weeks, I was down ten pounds further than that. By three months, I had lost fifteen pounds more. So, in a matter of one year, I had gained thirty pounds and lost fifty-five.

(This is what we call postpartum anxiety and living on trail mix due to complete lack of appetite. It was not at all an attempt to lose weight. I simply couldn't eat more than a few bites a day. Totally unhealthy. I do not recommend it. Also, once I was feeling better and started eating again, my husband admitted he didn't exactly enjoy snuggling with Skeletor.)

Needless to say, my stomach didn't exactly have time to catch up with all of this crazy expanding and shrinking. Once my poor skin finally started looking normal, I found out I was pregnant with Naomi. And ... we started all over again. I gained 35 pounds with Naomi. However, this time, the weight has come off at a normal rate, and today I stepped on a scale to see the good numbers again. It made me happy. Good eating (um, except for crazy amounts of chocolate), good exercise, good numbers.

However. My body. My body is a different story.

I think it's safe to say that my stomach is just fed up with me. Done. Angry at all of this growing and stretching and then shrinking and ugh. It tries to be so accommodating, but really, it's just had enough. It's a bit ... "looser" than before the babies were born. I'm hoping that exercise will recover at least some of it, but I'm realizing that if my stomach is never again what it was before, I will be okay with that. And, obviously, the two precious babies who are, at this moment, sleeping in their beds, are well worth it.

I was joking about calling the in-home plastic surgeon. But, I can say that after having two babies, I can understand why so many moms opt for tummy tucks. Especially when you work hard to get back in shape, and yet the "mom pooch" still sits squarely in front, for all to see. I don't think I would ever have surgery, but you never know. God might nix my two-kid plan and bring on eight more, in which case SOMETHING would probably need to be done to fix me after ten children. Especially considering I've already got the pooch after only two!

Some women happily have surgery, while others wear their stretch marks as battle scars, proud of their child-bearing accomplishments. While I don't think I would ever have surgery, I don't think either group is in the wrong. It's a personal decision. Some might judge surgery as vanity, but I put on make-up every day, so I'm just as guilty. Except, of course, my make-up isn't exactly permanent. But, what do you think? What would you do?

Time to indulge in some dark chocolate ... :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. interesting post. and i agree, its a personal decision. thankfully my body is completely the same post child. it took me 9-10 months to lose all the weight, but stomach and all are back to 'normal' in fact, i am in better shape than before?! crazy?! but, i know th opposite it true. and after having gone through pregnancy, it makes TOTAL sense to me why someone would have a tummy tuck, boob job etc... your body changes and sometimes it leaves you feeling ab it...funky. so, i agree. either camp you sit in is fine. its a personal choice.

    and just for the record katie, i think you look great! :)

  2. Not having had babies I can only go with how I feel now and if I could afford it I would look into it, gathter information and decide. I have a friend who has had 4, and she's in rocking shape. Her husband wants 2 more and the agreement is that after 6 she'll have things "repaired".

  3. It takes a full year for your skin to go back to normal... Give it time. I promise you your stomach can look exactly like it did pre-pregnancy but it won't happen in 3 or 6 months. It takes a year! :-)

  4. The whole pre-baby weight vs. pre-baby body issue is SO true...they are not the same! My biggest frustration has been the growth of my chest and I am dreading what the girls are going to look like when I stop nursing. So I could see a little lift in my future if things continue to go downhill ;)

  5. I agree with Leslie - for me, my bigger concern is what my chest will look like instead of my stomach. With exercise and eating right I've been able to bring my stomach back to "normal" (not that normal equals a six pack over in my neck of the woods!) But up top is a different story...I only hope that at the end of my nursing days (many moons from now as I'm only working on baby number one right now) I'll be able to shrink them down to a normal, non-saggy size. Right now it's not looking like that'll happen though!!!

  6. Oh the shifting sand. I'm never going to say never on having a few things lifted or tucked...we'll have to see after a few years!

    (You are beautiful, shifting sands and all!!)


  7. great post, great discussion.

    while i'm not against plastic surgery and james and i've joked i'll probably need a boob job after we're done having kids, i can't bring myself to justify the cost. i think of all of the other more selfless things i could do with the money and don't think i would ever feel okay spending that much on "vanity." makeup is so cheap that it can't really be compared to surgery that costs thousands of dollars even if they are essentially for the same goal.

    i can't justify getting my nails done regularly or getting weekly massages either for the same reasons. every once in a while as a treat is fine for me, but i just feel guilty doing them too often. then again, i'm really cheap/frugal so i might not be the best person to ask :)

  8. I am a faithful follower and reader of your blog. I love it, and I would love to just chat with you over a good cup of joe sometime as I think we think alike in many areas.
    Anyways, I never usually stick around long enough to comment before my babies are calling me, but today I had to comment on this post. I had a baby 9 long months ago, and so by now I was totally expecting my body to be exactly as it was before (you know the old saying...it took 9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off?). Well, all of my hard work is really paying off because not only have I not lost all my weight but even after Jillian Michaels kicking my butt at least 4 times a week, everything still jiggles like jello! Anyway, you made me smile and reminded me that it really isn't the end of the world by belly full of jello! Thanks for all your honest and fun posts! I really love your blog!