Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mighty, Indeed.

Happy First Day of Autumn.

I pulled out my handy-dandy Mighty Summer List to see how I did.

1. Birth a baby (June 15). ✓
2. Breastfeed successfully as long as I can. ✓
3. Ask for help when I need it. ✓
4. Go to Target with both children. ✓
5. Lose most of the baby weight by August. ✓
6. Take an overnight trip to the lake with my family. ✓
7. Drive to Arkansas, by myself, with both children. ✓
8. Go to a Farmers' Market. ✓
9. Teach Caleb his colors as best as he can learn them. ✓
10. Attend a friend's wedding on the Fourth of July. ✓
11. Go on the boat at the lake with both children. ✓
12. Throw a shower for my sweet cousin on the seventeenth of July. ✓
13. Have my eyebrows threaded for the first time. ✓
14. Drink lemonade on the back patio. ✓
15. Learn how to light the grill. ✓
16. Read "Jesus Calling" every morning. ✓
17. Play horseshoes.
18. Surprise my husband with a date night--either a date night in, or a date night out. ✓
19. Find time to get a tan.
20. Write a song. ✓

I never found a horseshoe pit and a scary mole on my foot prevented any further tanning besides the normal I'm-out-in-the-sun-because-it's-summer tan. The song I wrote isn't anything amazing. It's for Naomi and it goes like this:

Nomi Kate!
Nomi Kate!
We just think she's

I know, I know. Amazing. I come from a long line of songwriters and I know they would be proud. In all seriousness, it was really incredible to go back through that list, to remember the details of the day Naomi was born--the day that started it all--cradling her, stroking her soft hair, amazed that she was finally here, and she was mine. I remember that overwhelming first trip to Target and the long nights being up with the baby at the lake. Lighting the grill scared me to death (the ignitor button is broken so you have to actually light it) and I will never do it again. We all rode on the boat together again about a month ago, coming home from dinner, as the sun was setting. It was peaceful, and beautiful, and I smiled at the baby girl in my arms and my big boy sitting in his Dadda's lap, "helping" him drive the boat. This summer, my life changed. I got out there to adjust to my new kind of normal, even when I didn't want to, and I even tried new things, too. Naomi joined our family, doubling our joy. The baby shower on the seventeenth of July for my cousin prepared the way for Baby Eli, who was born last week, exactly three months after Naomi. The simple goal of going to a Farmers' Market has completely changed the way we eat in our home. Reading Jesus Calling in the mornings helped to calm my heart and my mind and to focus the day ahead. The trips to Arkansas with both kids were especially sweet, remembering a very different summer last year, when Dad was going through radiation and chemo and the visits were quiet, and somber. This year, our trips were sweet, and full.


That was quite a list.

My parents in Arkansas

Farmers' Market

Baby Eli

And that was quite a summer.

Mighty, indeed.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Good for you for completing most of your list! Will you make one for Fall/Winter?

  2. I completely forgot that you were doing a summer list so I'm glad I checked blogs again this morning!! good for you!! and I love the little song for Naomi...I love making up little songs with my girls, too. :)

  3. Congrats, lady! You don't want a tan, anyway--they give you wrinkles and scary foot growths. :)

  4. Got a little teary reading this. What a summer you've had! I might just have to copy this idea for the fall. It is rewarding to actually look back at accomplished goals. Way to go, friend!