Thursday, September 9, 2010

Favorite Things! Currently!

I realize I have not written a Favorite Things/Product Review/Look! Stuff! post in a while. My apologies. I would make up some lame excuse, like how when Naomi was born I also birthed half of my brain and it is lost forever, but, meh.

(But really. I mean, REALLY. I'm considering sneaking back into the L&D room where Naomi was born so I can check under the bed. Just in case.)

So! Product Review Favorite Things Look Stuff post!

1) Late July Organic Cookies

I saw these on sale at Whole Foods so I picked up two boxes. Sweets are not something I try to keep in stock for Cub, but sometimes it's good to have them on hand. What I really like about these cookies is their small size. Behold:

Look! A bunny! Cub loves them. I have yet to actually taste one (they contain dairy), but I'm sure they are delightful. Cub seems to think so. Oh, and guess what? I can eat Oreos if I want to! Because Oreos don't have dairy! You know, those "CREAM"-FILLED COOKIES? No dairy. There is something so wrong with that. Anyway.

2) Big Boy Chart!

A good friend of mine recently discussed her latest discipline techniques with her little man who is around Cub's age. One of those techniques involved a Big Boy Chart. What I liked about her idea is that she suggested to leave the entire chart blank, so Cub could put the stickers wherever he wanted, since we aren't exactly in "chore chart with categories" land yet. This has been an awesome means for positive reenforcement. For example, if Naomi is gnawing on a toy and she accidentally drops it, and Cub runs over and picks it up for her, he gets a sticker on his Big Boy Chart. Or, if does exceptionally well in the grocery store, he gets a sticker. Sometimes he gets rewarded for doing what is expected of him, but mostly he gets rewarded for going above-and-beyond. I know positive reenforcement works for me, and I can see it working for the little Cub. A little pat on the back goes a long way. He loves it.

3) Lace headband

I put this headband on Naomi ALL THE TIME. I love it because it is just the right size and it doesn't leave massive dents in her head, like the headband underneath it in the picture. She has a little noggin, too, so the smaller width of the headband, the better. So cute. And her clips stay attached, which is, you know, NECESSARY. :)

4) BedHead Foxy Curls

Having babies has made my straight hair turn curly. Love this stuff. Highly recommend it. The scent alone is enough to make me want it.

5) 365 Organic Coffee Buzz Free Decaf

(paired with SO Coconut Milk French Vanilla Creamer, YUM).

Delicious and buzz-free. The smell of it is amazing. Love it. I kind of feel like I'm cheating on Dunkin' Donuts coffee, but I really do like this stuff. I'm not a huge decaf fan, so the fact that I like this blend is great. I just tell myself it has caffeine!

And, there you have it, friends! Time to lay down while both babies are napping.

Have a lovely day!


  1. love the big boy chart! great idea :)

  2. Mmm, cookies. And Cub. Equally yummy. :)

  3. oooh thanks for the creamer tip! i have been using rice milk and it really wasn't doing the trip. but i just bought SO Coconut brand sorbet and loved it so I bet that creamer is great!