Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Bought Green Peppers.

I'm warning you now, there are a lot of pictures in this post. The photography bug bit me on Friday and I've been at it ever since. I've missed picture-taking.

I've mentioned before in previous posts the reasons I love visiting my family in Arkansas. Besides the fact that they are my family and I love them, I also love visiting my home, out in the country, nestled between oak trees overlooking a rolling meadow and more oaks. Cub loves visiting his Memere and Pepere and would spend every second outside if we'd let him. I love all that fresh country air.

On Friday night the sunset was beautiful and we went outside to celebrate it's much-anticipated descent into the horizon. Cub ran into the outlying field surrounded by trees and I took advantage of the glowing light. Love this boy.

Naomi has already visited my parents' house twice in her eight weeks of life and my parents love every minute of it. Their first granddaughter is soaking in the attention!

On Saturday morning, we headed to Fayetteville for their weekly Farmers' Market. This particular Farmers' Market is dear to my heart and my mind is full of lovely memories from spending Saturday mornings there with my Mom, strolling by the fruit and vegetable stands bursting with homegrown goods. I hadn't been there since moving to Oklahoma and decided it was time to go back, adding it to My Mighty Summer List (Number Eight). This Farmers' Market is teeming with energy and beauty, from the radiant colors of the fresh produce to the eclectic cast of characters that spend the morning commiserating with old friends, singing songs and playing music. The infectious energy makes this Market a hard one to leave and we walked the square over and over again, basking in its somewhat addictive eccentricity.

That evening, back at home, my Mom and Cub fed the birds while Naomi and I watched on the porch. My Dad grabbed my camera and did an impromptu shoot of me with my little Mouse. It was sweet.

And then this morning he caught us again. This is probably my favorite picture, complete with messy hair and pajamas. Candids are the best.

It was a lovely weekend.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Beautiful photos! Love that last one too!

  2. Katie, these are gorgeous pictures! Great colors. Love the ones of you and your baby girl. Priceless.

  3. Love all of the photos, particularly the ones of Caleb, you, and Naomi. You all look great! And, that farmer's market looks really fun. Kind of has a Mayfest feel (back when Mayfest was good).