Sunday, August 8, 2010


When my stomach is growling, this is typically what I reach for now. Celery and (natural!) peanut butter. Probably what I should have been reaching for anyway, but a little non-dairy prompting has helped in my decision-making.

I know, you all are probably sick of hearing about my dairy situation. Sorry.

It's just kind of the MAIN THING ON MY MIND ALL THE TIME, so I feel the need to write about it. Here's the update.

Naomi still has bad gas episodes, but they are fewer and farther between. Two days out of the past six days have been hard, which is amazing. We were getting to the point where every day involved lots of crying and pain, so going days at a time with a happy girl is awesome. I'm figuring out how to phase out dairy. While I was surviving on soy milk, I wanted to expand my selection a bit. After suggestions from several friends, I finally loaded up the kids and headed to Whole Foods in a nearby city to check out their options.

I turned the corner past the organic cookies and TA-DA!

A large spanse of milk that isn't actually milk. I was thrilled.

I loaded up on chocolate almond milk and vanilla coconut milk. And chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk and coffee creamer also made with coconut milk. I know, I know, I should really go with unsweetened milks, but I'm kind of tip-toeing into this new territory. These are unchartered waters for me! I need all the sweetened help I can get.

So, my mac 'n cheese has been replaced with grilled chicken. My chips are now sliced peppers with hummus. My midnight snack is a coveted chunk of dark chocolate, and if I'm especially needy, I add a cup of chocolate almond milk. My morning pancakes have been replaced with an apple. I've scoured the Internet for non-dairy recipes and have some yummy-looking chocolate cupcakes I can't wait to try.

While the changes are noted, as I mentioned, there are still some bad episodes. Naomi had a rough morning today. After church, I stood in the kitchen while she screamed and leaned my head on my husband's shoulder. Through tears I told him how discouraged I felt, how frustrated I was that despite the changes, sometimes it feels like they aren't enough. He put his hands on my shoulders and told me that wasn't true--that the baby she is becoming isn't the baby she was only a week ago. The bad moments will still come and go, but the changes are working, and I couldn't give up. I nodded and scooped her up and we snuggled together for a long afternoon nap.

He's right. The changes are helping.

And it is totally worth it.


  1. Tears!!! You are doing a great job, Katie. The difference is noticeable in little Mousie, and I bet she feels soooo much better on the whole. Keep it up! (And, after trying that delish non-dairy ice cream, I may be joining you in the world of no dairy. My tummy has never felt better!)

  2. Hi Katie! I stumbled upon your blog through Leslie's. Your babies are so precious! I have a 9 week old, and I also recently gave up dairy hoping that it would help with his gassiness and his SCREAMING fits. :( It's such a tricky transition, because there is dairy in so many things you wouldn't think (like potato chips, who knew?!) And I read that it can take up to 30 days for it to completely leave your system, so hang in there! It's not easy, but you're right, it's SO worth it if it helps them.

  3. I remember my mom saying that my sister would scream everyday for hours on end. She said they tried everything they could, but ultimately nothing really worked except time. She said as she got older it got better. Maybe it was gas? Maybe it was colic? Who knows, but she did grow out of it. It's so hard when your baby screams whether it be from pain or from some unknown reason, but know that this too shall pass. You're obviously doing everything you can to help her feel better. Hang in there.

  4. What a precious little smile! Hang in there friend, and enjoy the excuse to shop at Whole Foods! I love that place!

  5. Katie, I had to give up dairy within a week of my 12 month old being born. It was hard, and I missed cheese SO MUCH but it was worth it. At around 4 months I was able to back on dairy, and he was fine.

    Also, have you guys looked into refulx? My son also had that. He NEVER spit up, but sometimes I could hear it come up after he had nursed, and then go back down and then he would scream for hours because it hurt. Anyways, we got him on reflux medicine much to my dismay because I am NOT a medicine pusher...) but it worked wonders and he started sleeping through the night and was a totally different, happy & relaxed baby. So, between no dairy and that he was back to himself.

    Just wanted to share!