Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mighty Summer List Number Seven.

Drive to Arkansas, by myself, with both children.

(Check out the overalls--so appropriate, yes?!)

The kiddos and I headed to Arkansas to visit my family this past Friday. After Naomi's 5:30am feeding (after which she goes back to bed), I frantically packed everything up. Goodness, packing for two kiddos and myself is a rather daunting task. I ran through the list in my head, trying to remember every last detail. The North Face backpack needs the breast pump, two sound machines, and the baby monitor. The red leather bag needs my clothes and Naomi's clothes (which includes several outfits, given her propensity towards blow-outs). The blue and brown dotted bag needs Cub's clothes which includes a swimsuit and swim diaper, just in case. The woven straw bag needs our toiletries and I can't forget our stroller. Or the Bjorn and diapers. Or the Boppy. Throw in a few extra burp cloths and swaddling blankets. PHEW.

My goal was to leave the house by 8:00. By 7:59, we were pulling out of the driveway, both kids (and Mom!) dressed and fed. And then I checked my gages and saw that I needed an oil change. So, we drove up the road to the local place I use, were the first car there, had the oil changed, stopped by Starbucks so Mama could get some "Mama Juice", as Cub calls it, and we were on the highway by 8:30.

I'm not gonna lie--I was pretty proud of us.

And, the list continues on! We knocked out a few other items on it this weekend as well and I will write about those later. For now, I need to jump in the shower while everyone is still asleep!

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. Way to go, Mama! And...a little Mama Juice never hurts. ;)

  2. I love Mama Juice. Can you do the real deal when nursing or are you going decaf? I had tried a lil regular for a few mornings but riggs hardly napped those days so i had to cut it out!

  3. I do decaf to be safe for now. With Cub I could do regular and he was fine, but I'm not really wanting to risk it with Naomi! Yet, anyway. :) Decaf with soy is the way we go right now.

  4. good for you!! and bonus points for actually getting the oil changed on your way out of town! I would have just gone...which is also why i've had to car engines completely die on me in my lifetime. hope you had fun in arkansas! do you go to church when you're visiting your family? when we lived there, i went with your brother and sister-in-law...sang with her - she's great!