Friday, June 18, 2010

Mighty Summer List Number One.

Birth a baby.

My husband and I stopped at one of our favorite local joints to enjoy some gyros before heading to the hospital on Monday night. After a delicious dinner, we checked in and got everything settled. They gave me Cervadil and we hunkered down for the night. It was restless, from all of the monitors and such, and finally at 4:00am I resigned to the fact that sleep wasn't going to come, so I picked up my book (Through Painted Deserts--you can see it on the left there) and read for an hour or so. At 5:00am they came in and told me I could shower (YAY!) and that the pitocin was on its way (not so yay!). My husband and I had an hour to relax, walk around, and get ready for the day. It was great.

They checked me at 6:00am and I was still a 3. The pitocin began and the contractions started shortly thereafter. They were manageable at first, as expected, but by later that morning (I have no idea what time it was--I was clinging to the ceiling) I requested (BEGGED FOR) my epidural. I think I was a 4. I was arching my back and screeching. It was not very pretty. My poor husband's hand was being squeezed to a pulp. The epidural came just before noon (um, I think) and within two minutes I couldn't feel the contractions at all. I mean, AT ALL. With Cub, I could still feel them a little, but this time around I felt NOTHING.

It was kind of the most amazing thing ever, to be in excruciating pain one minute and then completely comfortable and, well, numb, the next. I loved it.

Around 1:00 they checked me again and I was a six. They decided they would break my water shortly. Sweet! They checked me around 1:30 and I was a 7. As the doctor broke my water, I had a contraction that dilated me to an 8. The doctor stepped outside the door to grab something and the nurse felt the need to check me again. I was complete. She yelled for my doctor who came back in and started getting ready for me to push. The nurse asked me to do some practice pushes, which was hilarious, because y'all, I couldn't feel A THING. I did my best to push and then she suddenly said, "Stop! Stop!" and I had to do that kind of breathing you hear about in movies. The "He-he-he-he!" breathing. Apparently, that helps to stop a baby in motion. :) Two contractions later, out comes Naomi, beautiful and screaming, at 1:43. And pooping. She was ready!

My husband and I looked at each other in dismay. I was in no pain. My three hour pushing marathon with Cub was a thing of the past. Just like that, Naomi was here. We cried and laughed and the family came in and it was amazing.

Seriously, it was the easiest craziest thing. I'm still in awe of it.

I'm sorry that's such a short version :), but that's all I've got time for right now! Our little lady is continuing to chug right along. She loves to keep me up at night and I love to snuggle, so we're doing good so far!! My milk came in today (I'm sure you all wanted to know that ... :)) so hopefully her crazy feeding will begin to develop a pattern.

Until then, I will update as I can!

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. She's beautiful!

    Isn't it amazing how much easier the 2nd is??? Mine was quick and easy the 2nd time around too and I'm still amazed (after 4 hours of pushing the 1st time). Our bodies are awesome!

  2. Oh my goodness, Katie, she's absolutely beautiful.

  3. Loved the story:) She is beautiful Katie! Glad the birthing process was a piece of cake!

  4. I'm sure since you're a second-timer you know about this, but just in case...have you seen those Gerber Nuk pads that you can warm in the microwave and put on your breast before nursing? It softens everything up when you're engorged and is such a relief! You can also chill them for pain relief after nursing. You can also use a warm wash cloth but these stay warm for a really long time! Also great for plugged ducts and such.

  5. I've never used them, but I'll definitely keep them in mind! Crazy enough, I didn't really get engorged this time. I'm guess it's because my milk started coming in just after midnight and Naomi was eating about every hour last night (fun!). I don't think I had the chance to get engorged!!

    But ugh, I remember clogged milk ducts and I'm sure that will happen again. Thanks for the tip!!

  6. That's supposed to say *I'm guessing*. My brain is kind of on overdrive right now. :)

  7. Congratulations she is so beautiful!! I've been meaning to come back and leave a comment, I usually read at work and I can't comment.

  8. Katie! She's beautiful! I'm so happy to hear it was such a great delivery, can't wait to see more pictures of baby Naomi when you get a chance, so pressure though! I'm sure you're super busy! :)