Monday, May 3, 2010

The One Thing.

On Saturday, a good friend and I went to a Farmers' Market in our town to peruse the local wares. There were herbs, birdhouses, plants, flowers, vegetables, baskets, and more herbs and more plants. Unfortunately, all I was able to capture were the baskets.

Hi, baskets!

Apparently, trying to wrangle my camera and the jogger and my burgeoning belly amidst a large crowd of people proved to be a tad daunting. But look! At least I got pictures of the kids!

Yummy Cub.

Sweet Baby E.

As is par for spring in Oklahoma, the weather decided to be a tad sporadic and we were hit with spontaneous rain showers. Thankfully, the kiddos were covered. We, however, were not, so we decided to hop in the car and head to Babies 'R Us. Because, um, that's what moms do, right? They live at Babies 'R Us? Ha ha.

(Have I ever told you about my first visit to Babies 'R Us? I had just found out I was pregnant with Cub and I literally walked in, saw rows and aisles and shelves full of stuff that was completely foreign to me, almost had a panic attack, and promptly turned heel and left. I didn't even register there. DAUNTING, I tell you.)

I'm over it now.

So, we headed to Babies 'R Us so I could get THE THING. Allow me to explain. Okay, well, before I explain, did you ever have that ONE THING that you wanted to do/purchase/experience before you gave birth? For Cub, the ONE THING that really seemed to finalize everything was the act of packing my bags for the hospital. I waited and waited until one random Friday night three weeks before his due date, and I packed them in a hurry and set them aside. Cub was born the next day. Sweet! For some people it's a project around the house, for others it's a concert or a trip or what have you. It's something that makes the whole experience suddenly very REAL.

Oddly enough, this time around, that ONE THING for me has been the most adorable head support/shoulder strap combo for the car seat that I really wanted to purchase for Naomi. You may notice Little E has the aforementioned combo in her car seat. I didn't even realize you could buy girly car seat head supports and stuff, so, naturally, I told my friend I would be copying her and purchasing one for Naomi. She was fully supportive.

So, we headed to Babies 'R Us and I did it. I purchased the ONE THING.

I know it might not seem like a big deal, but you have to understand that for the past 18 months, my life has consisted mostly of blue and trucks and basketballs. Which I LOVE. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I very obviously love love love being the mom of a little boy. I'm all about the blue. So, you can imagine, then, how it's a bit of a shock (an exciting, tingly, most wonderful shock) to poke my head in the nursery and see PINK. I honestly will walk by the nursery and peek inside just to look at the car seat again. See it? It has pink. Pink and FLOWERS. Giddy giddy joy joy!


Also. For your viewing pleasure, here is the latest picture of Naomi:

It is hanging above her changing table. It is a picture of her adorable face and two little fists. You can even see her eye and some chub on her cheeks. Mmm!! I love it.

So. The ONE THING has been purchased and the nursery is coming together. I am now in May, the official "month before my due date". However, if Naomi follows her brother's lead, I am already in the month when I will give birth. Buuuuttttttttt I'm not going there in my head. Not until my doctor tells me to, officially, anyway. :)

Have a lovely day!

(Oh, and did you have a ONE THING before you had a baby?)


  1. I'm not sure I had/currently have the ONE THING, but I totally get what you are saying about having a baby of the other sex. At Wal-mart on Saturday I thought I'd cruise thru the baby section. I instinctively found myself standing in the middle of the girl section!! I had to look around to find the baby boy stuff!! haha! So I picked Luke up some very BLUE onesies and then of course a cute hoodie for Addison. :)

  2. I'm so happy you're having a girl. They are truly sooo much fun. You will get the best of both worlds. I'm jealous:) Can't wait to see pics of the nursery and that sweet baby girl

  3. Wow, it's coming so fast!! Can't wait to get a glimpse of your bebe.

  4. Love it that they'll have matching car seat accessories...! Too cute. Naomi will look lovely in all that sweet pink. :)

    Let's see...what was my 'one thing'...? Well, I think it was having all of the to-do items crossed off my list as far as work was concerned. I was having such a hard time accepting that the world would keep spinning if I wasn't there, so I obsessed a bit much over that issue. Everything worked out great though! Oh, and I really wanted my hair colored before I went it to the hospital, too. ;)

  5. Ok your "thing" is now one of the things that I want to get! I bought a blue travel system for Grace, and of course we'll be using that again, I love the idea of making the seat a little more girly with that head support...I'm hitting Babies R Us while G is at school tomorrow! Thanks! :)

    P.S. My "thing" right now is to get the nursery all set up and ready to go...I'm getting there!

  6. Great pictures of super cute babies in your post!

    As for Babies 'R Us, I refuse to enter their gates. After experiencing horrible customer service numerous times when buying baby shower gifts, that store will not see my money ever again. The head support thing, however, is cute. Nothing against their products, just their store.

    I don't know what my one "thing" is yet, but I am thinking it will be the crib. I just recently ordered ours; can't wait for it (and him!) to get here! Can't wait to meet Naomi, too.