Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And ... YAWN.

It isn't for lack of inspiration that I'm staring at the screen a bit cross-eyed and clueless. It has more to do with that kind of exhaustion that makes you feel like there's someone sitting on your chest, pressing down on your lungs. And, given the little bum that is wedged up under my ribcage, the chest pressure isn't exactly welcoming.

Today was a very restful day, actually. Cub and I stayed in our pajamas while I cleaned up from the weekend. And yet, I'm still tired. I think, however, that being tired will simply be my MO for the next few weeks. I'm Katie. I'm Tired.

My life is not that interesting and when you pair that with feeling sleepy, it can make for a bland blog post. The things I might consider exciting would be an absolute bore for my readers. Like, today I made the most fantastic homemade chicken nuggets for Cub. I chopped up chicken, rolled the pieces in plain organic yogurt, dredged them in a mixture of corn meal and bread crumbs, and baked them for 30 minutes at 350. YUM. Cub loved them. I've always loved making food for Cub. I still love making food for Cub.

So, you know. That's good.

Um .... let's see.

I REALLY need a pedicure. I will schedule that tomorrow.

I go to the doctor on Thursday. I am technically 35 weeks, but this will be my 34 week appointment. They did not adjust the appointments after adjusting my due date. I don't think it really matters. I'm having contractions, but only two this weekend made me sit down with tears in my eyes. The rest were braxton hicks. Yippee!

And ... hmmm ... tonight I helped my husband transpose the chord chart of one of his new favorite songs so he could play it on the guitar. I felt a little bit like a genius at the moment. My husband rarely asks for help, so when he does, I love it.

See? Not exactly thrilling. But, meh, y'all know me. Please forgive my bland post. We'll hope that tonight brings deep sleep, that tomorrow brings good coffee, and perhaps my mind will give me a fantastic blog topic. We shall see.

Until then. Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. :) I always look forward to your blog posts. And I'm very impressed that you made homemade chicken nuggets! Way to go.

  2. those homemade chicken nuggets sound great... and bless your heart of course your tired... all that painting and cleaning, plus it's getting hotter outside and Noami is getting more and more ready to be born every day! I hope you enjoyed your coffee this morning, and that the sun is shining prettily in your kitchen window!

  3. yummy for homemade chicken nuggets! YAYY!!! Healthier than the alternative store bought ones for SURE! And that's cool that you transposed the music. I've done my fair share of that over the years. (-: