Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thursday!

Post of Randomness! Sweet!

1) Cub recently decided it is hilarious to try and stick his hand down my shirt. Only in public. Classy! Please note: He has been weaned since he was eight months old, so that is not the culprit. What's even better is that he asks his classic, "What's this??" as he's doing it. Hmm ... what is that? That's MOMMY. And this is Mommy's shoulder. Let's rest our hand here for a while, okay?

2) Last week I started up my 2-3 mile walk again and oh my word, I love it. I was amazed at how hard it was the first time--I was out of practice! Plus, Cubbie is bigger than he was the last time we went for a long walk like that (um, and so am I), so I feel like I'm heaving when I push his stroller. But, now we've got the hang of it, to the point where I feel like I HAVE to take a walk in order for my day to be complete. So, that's good.

3) Cubbie exclaimed, "Dadda!" when my doctor walked in the exam room yesterday. My doctor laughed. Cub realized his mistake and giggled. Me? I almost died.

4) Also. My doctor was explaining that at my next visit he is going to do a growth scan/ultrasound to check out Naomi's organs and fluids and such. I then asked, "And to make sure she's head down?" and he responded, "Oh, she's head down! Don't worry about that!" I then asked, "Really? How can you tell?" to which he gave me a blank stare and responded, "Um, because I do this every day?"

5) I appreciate humor, especially in medical professionals.

6) Token yummy toddler picture:

7) Nasonex! Life saver! Pollen count! TOO HIGH!

8) I don't feel the need to wear as much make-up as the weather warms up. I've already gotten just a liiiiiiiiiittle sun, and I think that helps. But mascara and eyeliner are still a must.

9) Naomi's quilt came in! Okay, so this is the picture from the magazine, not her room right now. I took a picture, but this one is better. :) The rest of her bedding is still back-ordered, but at least we have a color palette to work from now! Yippee!! I love the little trees.

10) Time for a Rice Krispie treat.

Have a lovely day!


  1. ahah!! LOVE the bedding, it is eleri's bedding exactly. it looks even better in person! good choice friend :) cant wait to see the finished product

  2. YAY! I love that their bedding is the same--all the way across the ocean!! That makes my heart happy. :)

  3. Gorgeous bedding - but we never doubted your flawless taste :) Good girl for walking! And hooray for the pretty weather that allows for tinted moisturizer vs makeup - fabulous!

  4. I LOVE her bedding...and seriously, if you want some help/tips on painting her letters, I'd be happy to help! I'm also loving being able to get out and walk again, even though it's a little slower than before. walking is walking, though, right!??

  5. Super cute bedding! Can't wait to see it all put together!

  6. Katie-that bedding is super-cute! It reminds me a lot of this stuff:

  7. oh yes, livy puts her hand down my shirt in public and it's lovely. :) I love her quilt!! It's beautiful!

  8. Walks are wonderful, and the weather has been beautiful these days! Enjoy!