Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not The Recommended Dosage.

Note: Second post in one day. Sweet!

Also note: Cub drank a rather large quantity of infant Motrin.

Note the third: Child-proof lids are a joke!

Fourthly: The bottle was out of his reach on the bathroom countertop. OR SO I THOUGHT.

Fifth Note: The lady from The Poison Control Center was extremely nice and calm and explained that Cub would be fine. He didn't drink THAT much. And he's healthy. It's fine.

Noting Sixthly: I, too, was amazingly calm, when I saw him toddle out of the bathroom with the empty Motrin bottle and a grin on his face. I was able to pick him up, pick up the phone, and talk calmly to the aforementioned nice lady on the other end.

Seventh Note: Only a few minutes later, when Cub was covered in yogurt whilst eating his lunch, did the "what if" thoughts pour into my brain at an insurmountable speed as my adrenaline attempted to crawl down from the freakish heights it had just ascertained.

Half Note: I turned my head and let out a sob. And then I was okay. No tears, even. But wow. What if.

Eighth Note: He's fine. And I am, too.

Note the Ninth: The Poison Control Center number is now in my phone.

Tenthly: So, if you ever need it, let me know! I've got your back!


  1. Eeek! How scary, but thank goodness for poison control, and thank heavens that you were able to be calm even in crisis, and more than that what a wonderful blessing he was okay!

  2. katie!! OH MY GOSH! Carsyn found the Benadryl once and had the lid off!? we should sue! I mean SERIOUSLY!!
    GIRL, I am glad he is okay... but i understand your WAHT IF"S

  3. Time for extreme baby proofing. It's the worst part of toddlerhood. My kids never got into any meds, but I ate a whole bottle of orange flavored baby aspirin when I was very small. A hospital visit and everything. That was before child proof caps, which really just means the parents will have trouble with the silly things! Glad the little guy is okay.

  4. omgoodness! Um, maybe I should get the number too. I could see that happening to me:-/

  5. Didn't you just write something about fear and worry? Sounds like you sort of shoved all of that aside. way to go! I'm glad that he's going to be okay.