Friday, April 30, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

1) Last official photo shoot! I say "official" because I have friends with little ones and little ones on the way and I am happily on standby to do their pictures. :) But, my last officially scheduled shoot was this week before my self-proclaimed "maternity leave". I think that standing on teetering folding chairs to get good angles just maybe isn't a good idea anymore!! (Even though I love the results ...)

2) All-Night Cubbie Sleep! After a few fitful nights of sicky sleep, Cub slept through the night like a rock the night before my birthday. It was the best birthday present! I am chalking this victory up to Children's Zyrtec and one very sound prayer. I'm so thankful that my little guy is on the upswing from this runny nose/allergy/viral/whatever illness. Being sick is no fun!

3) Needtobreathe concert. It was loud and Naomi was kicking like crazy! But, it was awesome. If you've never listened to these guys, google them. I love them and I'm so glad I was able to squeeze in one last concert before our little girl arrives! Although, I have to admit I was just a tad worried she'd come that night with all of the LOUD MUSIC. But, she held her own! :)

4) Birthday! Birthday! It was a great birthday this year and I was very blessed by the people I love in my life. I'm so thankful for what I already have, and any gift was just an extra perk! What I especially noticed with this birthday was the thoughtfulness behind each gift. My friends just really know me well! From Burt's Bees products to antique books (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn--yay!) to a prenatal massage to earrings to cute stationary (and, of course, the jogger!), I was honestly overwhelmed with joy. Stuff is stuff, but when there's intentional thought behind the stuff, it becomes sentimentally special. Thank you, friends!

5) Ultrasound! Our little Naomi is now FOUR POUNDS at 32 weeks. Little chunky monkey! She's growing and growing. My doctor pushed my due date up a few days and said to probably expect her even earlier than that. Usually I would hold my breath and cross my fingers and hope he's right ... but given her size and Cub's early arrival (37 weeks), I wouldn't be surprised if she did come early. Of course, she might not, but I'm going to go ahead and let myself hope! :) I'm ready to meet our little girl! And, the ultrasound definitely confirmed that she is, in fact, a girl. :)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. oh I just love Fridays:) Glad you had a wonderful b-day and that Caleb is feeling better. OH, and I love me so chunk on newborn babies:) She is going to be a cutie!!

  2. Glad you had a happy birthday! Can't wait to meet your chunky monkey! :)

  3. Hey, where's an ultrasound photo? No fair being selfish with the baby photos!