Monday, March 29, 2010

Thumb-Sucking and the Elderly.

Okay, a couple of random Mom-ish things. Heregoes!

Firstly: Did you have a thumb-sucker? If so, how early did you break the habit and how did you accomplish said breaking of habit? Cub is typically a sleep-only thumb-sucker, which we're okay with for now, but I've noticed him sneaking it every now and then while he's awake (we ask him to take it out). He's also teething, so other fingers end up in his mouth, too. As of now I don't feel like I'm in a hurry to break the habit, since it isn't what I consider an issue yet (he doesn't suck it when he's scared or upset or shy, which would be a red flag to me, I think).

When I was five my parents put vinegar on my thumb. YEEEK. That did the trick.

Secondly, MANNERS. What do y'all think about the whole "yes ma'am", "yes, sir" thing? I realize some of it is considered cultural, but I like it when it is used in reference to addressing someone older, like Mr. Bob and Miss Lulu at church or something like that. I don't expect Cub to refer to me as a ma'am, but I think it's respectful to the elderly. When it comes to my friends or adults he meets that aren't necessarily in the "elderly" category, I think "Miss" or "Mister" is appropriate. I remember having no clue what to call my Mom's friends when I was little. Let's say she had a friend named Patty Mitchell. I remember wondering if I should call her Patty or Mrs. Mitchell?? Patty was too casual, I thought, but Mrs. Mitchell was a bit stiff. It was hard for me to know what was right or wrong when it came to addressing her. I think the whole "Miss Patty" thing is a happy medium. It shows respect and familiarity at the same time. I've already found myself introducing Cub to people using a "Miss" or "Mister" title and I think I like it.

So. What are your thoughts??

Have a lovely day!


  1. Sorry, don't have a thumb sucker here. Wish I could help.

    We use "Miss ____" to refer to people. I'm all about manners though; Sophia says please, thank you, excuse me, sorry, etc. on her own. I think it's important and something a lot of people (not just kids) lack these days; which is why we started very early teaching her to say these things.

  2. I was never taught to use manners like "Mr." or "Miss" but I remember my friend coming over to my house and always calling my mom "Mrs. DeMo" and I thought it sounded so strange, but it was really respectful. I honestly always felt weird calling my parents' friends by their first names. I think that there is a happy medium using "Miss Patty". Another thing I learned late is to say "Hello, _______" and always use the person's name. It's way less generic, and people don't give you that blank stare like they're not sure who you're talking to. Might sound pretty simple but it was a long time before I got into the habit of doing that.

  3. Addison had a pacifier and I took it cold turkey the day she turned 18 months old. Brutal. I know. So sorry, I can't help with the thumb thing. Although, I think you are wise not to stress about it just yet, just be aware and start game planning.
    As for the manners I totally agree with the "Miss" and "Mister" tactic, but then again you already knew that Miss Katie! :)

  4. I sucked my pointer finger (no thumb for me...I'm a rebel!) WAY too long ( grade), so I say start weaning it earlier than later! And I love the Miss _____ tradition and think ma'am and sir are nice terms of respect when speaking to people in authority (teachers and such) or the elderly.

  5. I am all about the "Mr" Mrs" and "maam and "sir". I was corrected growing up if I didn't do it. I think it is respectful.

    I am actually caught off gaurd when a kid just calls me Sarah and not Miss Sarah.

  6. We also have a "sucks her thumb only before falling asleep" kiddo, so I've been wondering the same long should that last?!?

    and I agree with the happy medium of "Miss/Mr. (first name)." I feel since we, as Audrey's parents, use first names all the time, it might be a little confusing to make her call the same people by their last names that she rarely hears us use. that's my logic behind it. :)