Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Being Thankful.

I've decided to post something I am thankful for every morning on my Facebook status. It has to be something for which I am thankful already that morning, like a good cup of coffee or a comfortable bed, or it can be something that I am anticipating that day, like time with friends.

I'm doing this because I realize how easy it can be for me to start the day off on the wrong foot. Wake up with heartburn, trip on my way to the bathroom, discover we're out of toilet paper, dread the chores that are awaiting me ... you know. It can be easy to be a Debbie Downer. Especially if "woke up 174 times to use the bathroom" is added to the list. So, I'm trying to be positive.

And oh my word, it's amazing. It's just a really fantastic way to start the day.

Because regardless of how awful the morning might feel, the truth is that we are awakening to a day that was not promised to us, breathing a breath of which we are undeserving, and opening our eyes because we felt safe enough to fall asleep in the first place. The best part of my Facebook Be Thankful Project 2010 (yes I just made that up, woohoo!) is that I then ask those who might stumble upon my status to mention the things for which they are thankful. And I love it. It's almost like paying it forward. Thankfulness turns to joy, and joy spreads.

My list this morning (I am typing this on Monday) included waking up with energy and having a quiet, clean house, the beauty of the dawn of morning, the chance to bring coffee to my friend (decaf ... for Emery's Mama!), and for my in-laws, who kept our little Cub the night before.

This will post Tuesday morning and I will have a different list. So, I am going to open it up to you today. It isn't Thanksgiving morning. It's just a Tuesday in March. But, you know. It's never a bad day to be thankful.

So. What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful for a husband that's already found another job and didn't suck on unemployment!! Woot yeah!
    I'm also thankful for Infant Motrin when Alex is cutting his back teeth - Oh...My...Word --- My poor little baby boy.
    And the weather is delicious - I'm very thankful for that!!!

  2. Very nice idea. I try to start each day by saying to myself, "Today is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." Even when I'm in a crappy mood it reminds me that each day is truely a gift from God.

    Today I'm thankful for warmer weather and some sunshine.

  3. I've also been making myself wake up happy and thankful...no matter how early it is! and even though it's still dark out!! daylight savings time can't come soon enough! thanks for the encouragement, friend!

  4. Today I'm thankful for a fridge full of food, and steady paychecks, and the ability to run and enjoy it!

  5. I am thankful for my home, my family and friends, and most important my Salvation. :)

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  7. Today I am thankful the weather has started to turn and there is a nip of Autumn in the air (in Australia).

  8. You know what I'm thankful for? Your awesome post from a few days ago.... the one about what you learned about relationships at your conference. Fantastic. I often find myself doing the same thing and it was GREAT to hear your words of wisdom. So, thank YOU for that! :)