Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next Up: Fork.

So, Cubbie has taken it upon himself to learn the art of the spoon. We've introduced this over the past few months, giving him opportunity to feed himself. Usually he's all Meh, why feed myself when there are others who can feed me? But, as of last week, he kind of insists on feeding himself. I've found that yogurt, oatmeal, and foods of similar texture seem to work the best. He's enjoying it.

Of course, this means we're implying lots of bib-age. I do remember being a new mom/mom-to-be and thinking that I could get away without using one.

This is true as long as I am controlling the spoon. Now I control the spoon no longer.

So, the bib goes on. Thankfully I think Cub has cute bibs. So it works out well.

Please notice in this picture that Cub's right hand is sticking out from his side. This is because he knows he isn't supposed to stick his free hand into the tub containing whichever food he happens to be ingesting, so he sticks out his hand and when it occasionally makes its way to the tub of food, he stops and says "NO!" Yes, that's right Cubbie. Too funny.

I'm really just loving this stage. It's too fun.

Also, I am the size of a house. That is not as fun. But I've started scheming for Naomi's new nursery, and that is fun. So, really, life is pretty good.

Have a lovely day.


  1. We let Livy use a fork and spoon too. She actually does well, but when the food starts falling off of it, she throws it down and starts using her hands. I love this stage too. Every stage seems to get better :)

  2. hahah, I love it that he chastises his little hand.... too funny! And you are most certainly not a house pretty girl :)

  3. Love the sushi bib and can't wait to hear more about Naomi's nursery!

  4. Oh my, how funny that he will correct himself when he starts to reach!! Love him.