Monday, February 15, 2010


I have nothing thrilling to write except that I almost passed out at Red Lobster on Sunday. I was standing in the waiting area with our group, listening to my husband tell a story, when suddenly this immense heat crept up my body and I felt myself go numb. The room started spinning and I put my hand on my husband's shoulder.

(And he promptly asked, "What? Am I talking too loud?")

I told him I thought I was going to pass out, so the group sat me down and started fanning me (thanks, group!). I sat there with my head down, hoping the feeling would either stop or that I would just black out already. I finally started to cool down and tears rushed to my eyes (why does that always happen?). I stifled some sobs before sitting up and trying to act like nothing had just happened. Meh, I'm fine! Just pregnant.

Folks, it was weird.

I felt queasy the rest of the meal and kept trying to pinpoint what could have made me feel that way. I had felt queasy that morning, too, which was odd, since I hadn't been nauseous in weeks. My final guess was dehydration. My secondary guess is blood sugar. I'm guzzling water like it's going out of style and I'm still parched most of the time, which either means it's winter time and everyone's dry, or my blood sugar is messed up, which the glucose test will reveal in a few weeks.

Or, I'm just pregnant. And our bodies do weird things when pregnant.

So, that's my exciting story for the weekend! A little side of blackout with my shrimp, thank you very much.

(At least I didn't actually fall over in my dress. Besides obvious humiliation, the sheer weight of my pregnant body would have sent ripples through the foundation and tilted the restaurant on its side, thusly ruining everyone's Valentine's Day.)

Have a lovely day!


  1. It is like your boyd is a science fair project when you are pregnant.

  2. I passed out COLD in Wal-Mart when I was about 5 months pregnant with Olivia. I was printing pictures off at the kiosk and I felt heat coming up my body then started seeing white spots. I made my way down the computer aisle then I plumped right over. I hear ppl gasping then this old man was trying to help me up. (The bad thing is is that I had just come from water aerobics, so I had mascara and messy hair). I was mortified and ran to the family bathroom in wal-mart, loced myself up and called my hubby to come get me. I felt like a goof ball, and I was so freaked out the rest of my pregnancy, that I NEVER went back to wal-mart by myself!

  3. Woah!! What's with the Katie's and passing out? Scary!! I hope you don't have another episode. I don't like these stories one bit! PTL for your group!

  4. Wow Katie, I might call your Dr. and see if they want to push the glucose test up a little bit (although I'm sure you already have).... hang in there sweet girl and be careful!

  5. I hate the light-headed/dizzy part of being pregnant. I'm sure glad that you had the fam there with you!

  6. So glad it was a passing moment. Please let us know how that sugar test goes. Feel better soon! :)