Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm sure glad a girl is coming into this family. I think my big man and little man are conspiring against me. Meaning, Cub loves to say "Dadda!" but not so much "Mama!" Some examples:

I walk into Cub's room to get him in the morning. "Dadda!"

Bailey barks at a bird. "Dadda!"

I change Cub's diaper. "Dadda!"

Cub takes a drink of milk. "Dadda!"

I tell Cub it's time to get in the car. "Dadda!"

I tell Cub nigh-night. "Nigh-night Dadda!"

Naturally, my husband is on cloud nine with all of this. He loves Cub and he loves that he's Cub's rock star. It's very cute, obviously.

But, you know. One of these days I'd love to see Cub in the morning and have him say "MAMA!!" He can say the word, trust me. But, what's the point?

Dadda is obviously way cooler than Mama.



  1. It's just easier for babies to say first. One day, he'll start saying MAMA and won't stop. Then, you'll be saying "DADA" back to him, as to have one second without hearing your "name". ;)

  2. It was the same with Brock for a long time. The only time he would say "mama" was when he was crying. He says it a lot more now, and it's wonderful! Just wait, Cub will get it...and then your heart will melt and you will throw discipline out the window and give him whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Hehe, just kidding. Sortof. ;)

  3. Brevin is the exact same way. He used to say it all the time, but now its very rare that I get a "mom" or "momma"!

  4. I'm with SassyTimes, it's hard now, but soon enough you will be wishing you had two seconds withOUT Cub or Naomi saying Mommy!! :)

  5. aw! he'll be saying mommy soon and it's going to be tons of fun!

  6. For some reason kids always say dadda first! I try not to take it personally. :-)