Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Question!

How do you find time to blog every day??

Great question! I love to write. It's my way to de-frazzle after a long day. So, I make it a point to sit down at the computer and write my thoughts every evening after Cub goes to bed. I don't always have fresh thoughts (hence, some stale posts, sorry), but just the act of sitting down and typing away is a huge release for me. Sometimes I share deep thoughts or personal growth, and sometimes I write about finding sippy cups in the Diaper Genie. Whatever the topic, I know that it will help me relax, plus it will help me possibly connect with some other moms out there. Sometimes I have deep thoughts and funny stories all in the same day, so I type them out and schedule them to post later in the week so I don't have several entries in one day.

And it doesn't take me much time to do it--I average 97 wpm! Woot!

Writing is a release ... and writing on a blog is just fun! :)

Have you ever thought about putting ads on your blog? What factors influenced your final decision?

There are a couple reasons why I do not have ads on my blog. Firstly, my blog is more for fun and that's it--I never intend on it growing beyond my small sphere of influence. Secondly, while I know I may have limited control over which ads will run on my blog should I elect to do so, I'm just a bit wary of potentially (indirectly) endorsing something that I do not know everything about. I would really need to know everything about any company that would show up on my blog before accepting money for running that ad on my site. And that is impossible! So, no ads. But, I totally understand why other people run ads and I have no problem with it. It's whatever floats your boat.

(Sorry for the cheesy cliche. But I can already sense a flood of comments disagreeing with my position!)

(Which is fine. We can disagree! As long as we can sit down have some Starbucks afterwards.)

(Speaking of Starbucks, did you read my aforementioned post that included the Starbucks White Hot Chocolate?? YUM! I'm loving it.)

(That's it.)

(Have a lovely day!)


  1. Don't you hate how when you go from 20 to 21 weeks your "The Bump" produce comparison goes from cantaloupe to banana? I felt so downsized! ;)

  2. I think that you and I are never at a loss for words. People often ask me, "how do you think of something to blog about every day??" and I always think, "how do you NOT?!" Haha. There's just always something to write about in the back of my mind, and I think you totally understand that. Love it!