Friday, December 18, 2009


Back in the day, on the old bliggity-blog, I partook in something known as "Grace In The Small Things", where we were challenged to write five good things at the end of every day, no matter what kind of day we had. Good or bad. You had to write something good.

I stopped doing it once I switched blogs, but now I kind of regret it. Especially after this week, I need to focus on the good stuff. I worked at our church again today and I went to lunch with some of the staff. I told our pastor how burdened and saddened I felt and he challenged me to focus on things that were praiseworthy. As our conversation took its natural turns throughout the meal, he would periodically bring the subject back to "So. What's something that's praiseworthy?" and we had to think of something else and bring our thoughts back to being positive.

It's amazing how quickly the really wonderful small things in our lives can be overshadowed by the tougher things that seem so huge. So, tonight I'm going to write some good things. And maybe I'll continue it. As kind of an unofficial "Grace In The Small Things" a la Katie.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

1) Helping a nice older lady by giving her groceries from our church's food pantry.
2) Delicious carnitas at lunch.
3) Flannel pajamas.
4) Hugs from my beautiful son.
5) Dark chocolate.


  1. Just curious, but why did you switch blogs? You don't have to answer :) just thought I would ask :)

  2. I went private with Baby Makes Three because there was a lot of personal information there. But, I missed out on meeting new moms through blogging, so I opened another public blog, but I keep the personal information to a minimal!