Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 101

I was recently awarded the very fun Happy 101 Blogger Award from my friend over at Sassy Times. I am usually very awful at receiving awards and passing them on, but Look! I'm doing it! And I'm very thankful to my blogger friend for giving me this award. Her blog makes me very happy, so I'm flattered that she chose to pass the award along to me! Who doesn't love the happy dance?

I must name ten things that make me do the happy dance. Love it.

So, let's get dancing!

1) An unexpected card in the mail from a friend. I have one friend in particular who is very good at this and I always do the happy dance when I see that I've received a card from her!

2) Greeting Cub in his crib, whether it's after a nap or in the morning. He bounces around and claps and laughs ... how could I NOT do the happy dance when I see that??

3) Dark chocolate. This happy dance is much slower, savoring every bite. I'm a sucker for a good chunk of dark chocolate.

4) Hearing my husband and Cub laugh as they run around the house playing hide-n-seek. It's the best sound in the world.

5) Editing pictures I've taken of wonderful people and finding one that's just "it". The "it" picture always warrants a happy dance, right there at the computer!

6) Opening gifts from my mother-in-law. She knows my weakness for purses and more than once I've let out lots of giggles and squeals when opening a present from her! Verbal happy dances, I think.

7) Vacation. I love to be on the go.

8) Hearing good news from a friend. Good news is like honey to the soul, especially when it comes from someone you love!

9) Walking through the door at my parents' house and seeing my Mom walking towards me down the hall. No matter how old I get, that always stirs up a bit of a weepy happy hug dance. :)

10) Feeling the sunshine warm on my face for the first time after winter. Mmmm. Nothing like it.

Now it's time to pass it along! Here it goes!

1) Bethany. My sweet dear amazing sister friend since we were twelve, with whom I STILL do the happy dance when I see her. She has the happy dance perfected. You should see it.

2) Aunt Pam. She told me she was making her bruschetta chicken for our Christmas dinner with their family, and let me tell you, that bruschetta chicken deserves a happy JIG. Delicious!

3) Alyson. Amazing Mom who makes me laugh pretty much every time I spend time with her. Her posts are always insightful and wise ... with a nice dose of down to earth common sense!

4) Leslie. My witty online friend whom I've never met but I'm still holding out hope that we WILL meet. Someday. When our kids are grown, probably. Ha ha.

5) Christine. SHE CRACKS ME UP. She is the epitome of the happy dance. She was my RA in college and she absolutely beams with joy. Love her!

I hope you find a reason to dance today!


  1. Oh my - I'll have to give this some thought. Feeling better today? Me too - I just don't walk straight!!

  2. Ah, fun post! Love the happy dance feeling. Gotta concur with dark chocolate and going home. Those are good ones. :)

  3. What a fun post!! You always brighten my day and make me laugh, so the feeling is very mutual. Oh dear, so now I have to post about what makes me do the happy dance?! How will I ever choose? :)

  4. We WILL make that meeting happen, Katie! I'm sure of it. Perhaps once we move back to Oklahoma in a couple of years? Off to think of my 10 Happy Dance Inducers!

  5. Ahh. Thanks. I'm glad you asked about the bruschetta chicken because I thought about making something else - I'm never sure if the meal is/was a success. I'll give this some thought and make my happy list.