Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Cheesy Poem Because I Love You Guys. :)

Christmas season has officially begun,

Which means our little family will be on the run!

The posts will be less,

And random, at best,

While we're (hopefully) having fun!

So lots of blessings to you, my friends,

In this time, as the year ends,

God's love to you,

His peace and joy, too,

And what else rhymes with friends? Sends??

But really, truly, precious ones,

Each with stories all her own,

God bless you dearly,

And may you draw ever nearly,

As you celebrate His newborn Son.

So travel safely, friends, near and far!

As you hop on a plane, or in a car,

Bundle up all nice and cozy,

... seriously nothing rhymes with cozy...

And Merry Christmas, wherever you are!!

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