Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Can Love Both Of Them.

Okay. Time for a real post. A reeeaaaaaaal post that has a point! And a purpose!

(I've learned an important lesson when it comes to posting de blog: Post when you feel GOOD! Not BAD!)

(And nothing else about vomit!)

So. I'm sure you've noticed the stores and streets and such are all bedecked for Christmas, or at least in the process of it. I've always been a tad annoyed by this, the way Thanksgiving kind of gets uncomfortably wedged between Halloween and Christmas and therefore a bit forgotten altogether. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The focus on being thankful, the food, the scents ... I love it all. I love Christmas, too, but I always feel that it sort of overshadows Thanksgiving. I've also always been a staunch supporter of No Christmas Decs Until The Day After Thanksgiving. 

Um ... until this year.

I'm blaming this one on the Cub. I'm SO excited this year to spring into action with the Christmas decorations. Last year was Cub's first Christmas, but he was only two months old and wasn't exactly fascinated with it yet. But this year, he is fascinated with EVERYTHING, so, naturally, there are some Christmas boxes in the living room and the beginnings of a nativity set up in the kitchen. And I can't wait for him to see the tree. And, I'm usually pretty matchy-matchy when it comes to Christmas decs, but this year I found myself in Hobby Lobby, passing by the glittery snowflakes and frosted gold balls and making a beeline for the stuff I thought Cub would like. Yep. I'm already headed that direction.

But, I'm still excited for Thanksgiving. I've always loved Thanksgiving. Ever since I married my husband, Thanksgiving has meant the gathering of a ton of family members and a full day of food and games (BUNCO!). I love it. Thanksgiving at my family's house was always a bit smaller, until recently when our California relatives realized that Arkansas is NOT SCARY and now love to come and spend an extended time for Thanksgiving at my parents' house. Christmas means a Christmas Eve service with candlelight and dinner with family. Christmas morning is a smaller affair on both sides, with immediate family only. And I love that, too.

So, here's the open-ended post for the week: Which is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving or Christmas? Why? And ... do YOU have Christmas decorations out yet?? :)

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


  1. Christmas is my favorite because there is a whole month leading up to it and there is just something so magical about it all. There is nothing like it!

    But I too, am a firm believer in NO DECS TIL AFTER T-GIVING, but like you, this year, I can not WAIT to get 'em up and ready!!! Hahaha, I guess it is the kiddos in our lives now. But no, they're not out just yet.

  2. No more vomit posts - yay!
    Thanksgiving - yay!
    Christmas - yay! and oh my goodness! The pressure of finding the perfect gifts....
    I love them both for different reasons, but the Boy gets a longer vacation at Christmas and Ashlee is off work longer over Christmas break, so Christmas wins.
    No Christmas stuff out yet, but I'm starting to think about it.

  3. I pick Christmas...not a shocker there. Thanksgiving teaches me patience---I have to WAIT through this holiday so that I can finally feel okay with turning on the N'SYNC Christmas CD that is eyeing me in my desk drawer. I admit it. I have no shame. Love that CD. ;)

  4. Christmas wins, but we do wait until Thanksgiving night to put up the tree. The boys LOVE it and are old enough to anticipate it. I'm pulling out my sewing machine this year to make some "cool" gifts. My family's going to love me! ;)

  5. I love them both! I love all of the food on Thanksgiving and the reminder to step back and remember all you are thankful for. I also love that it is the last hoo-rah before Christmas! I LOVE Christmas. Especially now that Sophia is with us. It's so much fun having a little one and experiencing everything "new" through their eyes. It really makes you cherish everything all the more.

  6. I'm a staunch day after Thanksgiving decorator too... until this year... we're spending the week of Thanksgiving in Mexico so I'm trying to convince Coley to decorate for Christmas before we leave for Mexico...

    I have a question, I want to send a fun care package for my nephew, just because I'm his aunty and i love him... he's seven months old and I can't think of what to get. My sister has more clothes for him than he'll ever wear so that's not an option, but was there anything great that you had for cub at that age that I could send?

    also, I gave you a blog award drop by my blog to see it....

  7. I like Thanksgiving for the sweet potato caserole, but I just LOVE Christmas, period. everything about it: the smells, the decorations, the snow (hopefully), the music, the shopping for and picking out gifts. and of course, then our anniversary is only 2 days later so that's nice, too.